Consumers evolve along with technology. To stay competitive in today’s birth center market, make sure your brand recognizes these three important qualities.

birthcenteredbrandWhile some of us can’t remember a time without modern conveniences, technology has moved ahead at warp speed, especially when it comes to health care. Add onto that an overwhelming slew of options for the patient, and you have one very different consumer than you did just ten years ago.

Birth centers have completely evolved in the last twenty years. Parents who come in today have high expectations, and you need to promise to meet (or exceed) them before they walk in the door. This will come from your brand. In revamping your brand, consider what is normal for today’s patients:

  • They have access to a ton of information. Doctor Spock may still be relevant, but now he is a face in a sea of experts. Online information is the most accessed for any patient. Some of it is useful while some of it is harmful. The expert here is you, yet you’re often not the first one people turn to. If you want to get patients to trust you, especially when it conflicts with misinformation, you need to brand yourself not just an expert, but an expert with integrity.
  • Choices are plentiful. When expecting mothers choose where they will have their babies, they shop around like they’re buying a house. They look at cost, amenities, location, and how a place just “feels.” One company that created a great model for overcoming competition is Progressive insurance. By being transparent in how they compare to other companies, they show that they care more about what’s best for the individual than they do about money. Doing what’s best for patients is invaluable, especially for pregnant moms who are filled with fear and anxiety. If they know that you will do what is best for them and their babies should the unexpected happen, that peace of mind will outweigh a lot of other considerations.
  • They have access to communities. As impersonal as the online world is, the companies that thrive are the ones who are able to connect to people as human beings. Health is a very personal matter, and having a baby is the ultimate act of connectedness. You need to bring forth warmth and humanity amidst your expertise and trust.

Your brand quality should extend beyond your personal interaction with your patients. It should be evident in everything that represents you, including the materials you use onsite. For high-quality document holders, ID bracelets, vinyl and Velcro straps, and more, connect with Vinyl Art. We have a variety of materials and options available to fit your unique brand. Contact us at 800-569-1304 or