tradeshowengagementsIf you really want to captivate your tradeshow attendees, you need to think like your audience. What is in it for them? The more you can do to create an experience for your audience, the more memorable you’ll be.

Creating an experience relies on engaging as many senses as possible. While it isn’t feasible to hit all of them, particularly smell and taste, you can leverage sight, sound, and touch fairly easily. The good news is that engaging these three senses creates a learning experience. People will store your information in their long-term memories whether they’re visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners.

Here are 5 things you should do to truly engage your audience:

  1. Give demonstrations. Hopefully you have already planned to do this. There are ways you can make a demonstration even more engaging. While you’re giving demonstrations, quiz the audience. Keep them thinking about your industry and your next steps. You can toss out promotional gifts as prizes when people answer correctly. If possible, have them touch or handle your products. If an audience member can safely participate in the demo, ask for an assistant.If you can’t provide an onsite demonstration, use a video. Make sure the video does more than blandly list features and steps, though. Treat it like a real time demonstration. You can still incorporate a quiz with handouts – ask viewers to answer a few questions about the video for a chance to win a prize.
  2. Use a video. Even if you can demonstrate your service or product, it is helpful to have a video running during the tradeshow, too. Again, make it informative, but not boring. Brainstorm ways to transition from the end of the video to some sort of participation. However you use the video, remember: it captures attention from afar, and it addresses your audience while your employees are tending to other people.
  3. Incorporate technology. There are plenty of digital ways to interact with your audience other than just video. By using tablets and the Internet, you can allow people to drive their own experience with your product or service. Websites, videos, sign-up forms, surveys, and games are great ways to digitally interact with your potential clients.
  4. Use games. This doesn’t mean you have to provide Jenga for the audience. Is there some way you can have participants interact with products or information? Something as simple as having people trigger a motion sensor counts as a “game.” It’s interactive and playful. You want people to “play” at your booth; the “game” can be anything fun and interactive.
  5. Make it a show. Do you have an employee who can entertain? Use that person to give presentations, gather an audience around, or make jokes as people stand by.

The more that people can interact with you and your booth, the bigger an impression you will make. If you need promotional products, display holders, or presentation materials, check out what Vinyl Art has to offer. We manufacturer quality, eco-friendly products with fast turnaround. Contact us at 800-569-1304 or