When you spend so much time at work, shouldn’t you have an office space that feels good to occupy? Here are some easy tips on creating an office sanctuary

happyofficeplaceLast week we discussed how managers can create an office environment that promotes happiness in employees. The power isn’t only in the hands of the higher-ups, though. Employees can take control of their own spaces to create a personal environment they actually look forward to spending time in. After all, you probably have more waking hours in your office than anywhere else, right? Here are seven ways to make your office your happy place.

  1. Clean it up. Clutter and dirt are forms of white noise – they distract you. A messy desk/office can also make people feel less organized and more stressed. Before you leave work every day, clean up your space so that you start fresh the next morning.
  1. Make it look good. Add colors that make you happy. If you have furniture or drapes, choose something that feels good to look at. Choose an office chair that you love to sit in. Bring in personal items that make it feel a little more like home, like a decorative pillow or lamp.
  1. Organize and make a routine. When you clean a space, it can be a challenge to keep it up without some sort of system in place. Decide how you want to handle emails, files, mail, and everything else that has a tendency to pile up.
  1. Make it yours. Display photographs, inspiring messages, vision boards, souvenirs, and other things that make you happy.
  1. Add a touch of nature. Plants are great to have in an office, but not everyone likes them (or can keep them alive.) Stones, shells, pinecones, and wreaths are all parts of nature that can look good in an office. Fish work well, too!
  1. Make it bright. Any natural light you can bring in really adds serenity to a space. Since that isn’t always possible, add a funky, cute, or interesting source of light to brighten it up.
  1. Take care of your body. Keep healthy snacks in your office, drink tea or water, and make it a ritual. Choose containers and mugs you really like. Make healthy choices an enjoyable process!

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