Brand retention is reinforced when you follow these 4 tips to keeping your logo memorable and present.

logobrandretensionYour logo doesn’t just represent your company. It communicates with your consumers. It is a visual embodiment of your brand that, if you’re lucky, becomes an every day part of your customers’ lives. While some logos are recognizable, others fall flat in brand retention. Here are four things your logo needs to stick in the minds of your audience.

  1. It has to be simple. Hopefully you don’t have to go back to the drawing board on a logo you’re already using, but if it’s too complex, you’ll want to tweak it. Think of the logos that you immediately recognize, like Target, Coca-Cola, and McDonalds. There is nothing complicated about these logos, and yet you’d know them if they were written in an unrecognizable language. Memory recall is much easier when the image is a simple one.
  2. Repeat your fonts. Your logo will go on a number of items, from the product label to your profile picture. The font you choose here is as big a part of your brand image as your company history. Make sure you thread the same logo font throughout other marketing efforts. This consistency reinforces your entire presence.
  3. Repeat your colors. You don’t want to deliver too much of the same colors in all of your marketing efforts, but you do need to lace your logo’s color(s) throughout your marketing as well. If it doesn’t make sense to use the exact same colors, make sure you choose from the same palette – something complimentary; something that reminds the audience of your core theme.
  4. Inject your logo into consumers’ lives. If your logo is simply visible around your customers’ homes or places of work, it will be a constant reminder of your existence. Subconscious messages are extremely powerful; they play a big role in our decision-making. Distribute promotional items that will stay close to your target market. If you sell insurance, hand out insurance card holders, for example. Put your logo in the line of sight whenever possible to exponentially reinforce your brand retention.

When you do choose promotional gifts, opt for the highest quality possible. You don’t want to tarnish your brand with shoddy craftsmanship or design. Even the simplest display of your logo goes a long way when it looks sharp and crisp. For customized pockets and folders, like insurance card or business card holders, no one makes a better product than Vinyl Art. We can meet your custom needs as well as standard orders. Call 800-569-1304 or email to discuss the product that best fits your brand.