unmotivatedemployeesWhether your business is in retail or professional services, unmotivated employees will destroy production and profits. If you need to light a fire under your staff, evaluate whether any of these areas are slowing down your team.

  1. No Appreciation. People, especially millennials, need to know you recognize their hard work. If their efforts go unnoticed day after day, there doesn’t seem to be much of a reason to go the extra mile. Also, people are driven to perform even better when they know their managers believe in them. In some cases, rewards are appropriate, but be in touch with what your employees actually value. Find out what employees really want, like time off, discounts, or a free pass on certain work duties, and give that as a reward.Appreciation doesn’t need to be in the form of a gift. Verbal appreciation goes a long way, too.
  2. No Development. Professional development says a lot of things about your company and how you treat your employees. Your staff wants to grow and learn while on the job. If they hit a ceiling or become stagnant, motivation will circle the drain. Development is also a way of showing appreciation – it suggests that you as a manager and your company are invested in the success of your employees.
  3. Wasting time. When you schedule a meeting, is it absolutely necessary? Do people know why they need to be there, and do they walk out feeling like they gained something? If you run unnecessary meetings or run them too long, you’re telling your staff that their time isn’t valuable. If you don’t respect their time, they won’t respect the company’s time.
  4. Bad Attitudes. Are there any employees you would consider toxic to their coworkers? These are the negative people who complain about everything. It is exhausting to be around these people. If you can’t eliminate toxic employees, find a way to contain the damage they cause.
  5. No Shared Vision. Your staff needs to be on board with the vision of your company. They need to know why they show up to work every day and do what they do. The more they can get behind the goals of the company, the harder they will try to succeed.
  6. No Feedback. The old school management style of “Do what I say and don’t ask questions” does not fly today. Communication lines need to be open between employees and managers. Those in authoritative roles need to request and accept feedback from their teams. If employees don’t have a voice, they won’t be driven.

While it’s easy to blame employees for not being motivated, strong leaders know that their support and involvement is paramount to productivity.

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