emotionalsellingConnect with your customers and clients with an emotional call to action that supports follow-through with these 3 key components

Marketing strategies used to be based on the Think-Feel-Act purchase behavior of consumers. Facts and figures were king, and persuasion was very cerebral.  However, according to True Impact Marketing, our brains are hardwired to feel before we think.  Consumer purchase behavior is better described as Feel-Act-Think. This is the reason we are all scrambling to update our brand stories and why we worship the marketing strategies of companies like Apple. If you want to reach today’s market, you need an emotional sell.

In commerce, we are getting better at relating to our consumers on an emotional level. (Check out this article we wrote.) However, the relationships and the experience you give your customers/clients aren’t the whole picture. You still need to close the deal. Here are three keys to consider when creating an emotional call to action.

  1. Social Proof. Do people still buy things without checking online reviews anymore? People love the rating and review system. Consumers need this information, and so do you.<Groupon has a slick system for this. You can see how many people have purchased the item as well as a thumbs-up-or-down rating system. This kind of social proof should be front and center with your service or product.
    What if there is no obvious social proof to offer? For example, if you want people to register for your presentation, it doesn’t make sense to use ratings the way a retail site would. However, instead of a “register” button, you could have a “Join 100 like-minded professionals” button. In this example, a participant would see that s/he is part of a large, yet exclusive group, and that the group is relatable.
  2. Fear of Missing out. Ah, the ole’ scarcity tactic. Make the public panic, and you will profit. The thing is, this tactic works. The fear of missing out is embedded into our framework, especially at a social level. People don’t want to miss out on a great time, and they don’t want to let a great opportunity slip by.Do be honest with your fear of missing out strategy. If consumers catch wind of deception, you can be sure to see that reflected in your ratings and reviews. Early bird discounts, special pricing, countdown clocks, and number of available items left are all successful ways to use this strategy.
  3. Keep it simple. Relying on an emotional response only makes sense if you don’t make your customers think. Keep the options to what is easiest. Make the landing page clear. Let the decision be fast and easy – driven by emotions.

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