Business Card Products

Vinyl Art, Inc. manufactures a large variety of plastic business card products. We manufacture adhesive pockets for business cards, business card holders, both plain and with printing, business card pages for ring binders, and multiple pocket holders for kits, advertising, or card holders such as small books for your pocket or bag.

Our products are all made in the USA in our Minneapolis, MN manufacturing facility. Our products are durable, highly functional and serve to fulfill the purposes you need.

We have thousands of tools in standard and custom sizes that can be used for clear, opaque or adhesive backed pockets, or a combination of those materials. We can make the pocket opening on short or long sizes with rounded corners or square. 

If we don’t have a die exactly matching your needs, they are inexpensive to make the exact size product you need. We have the ability to do small runs up to hundreds of millions of items if you need them for your large project.

Our pockets and holders can be used wherever your information needs to be found. Promotional items for your business, pamphlets, brochures, repair information for equipment, proposals, service manuals and business documents.

We offer quick turns and a wide variety of materials with pressure sensitive permanent adhesives, re-position-able adhesives, and clear, matte, opaque and orange peel materials.

Call us today for products to help you to market and promote whatever you need help with!


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