The sound of your alarm in the morning may not be the way you want to start your day, but you’ve got choices about how your mindset can be primed once you get out of bed.3-ways-to-improve-your-morning-mindset

Is there really such thing as a “morning person”? Maybe what makes them that way is their mindset. Learning how to manage your thought patterns is what is going to keep you on the move when things fail to go as planned. Here are 3 ways to improve your mindset:

1. Start Off Your Day Strong

Your day’s effectiveness is often determined by the first few morning hours. If you start checking the Facebook newsfeed and email when you get out of bed, you will start to drift down to distraction. Front load your morning with an activity that will give you a positive mental focus. A brief brainstorming or workout session will help in keeping you right on track.

2. Take Control Of What Goes Into Your Head

Are you filling your mind with celebrity articles or reality TV? According to Darren Hardy, you will never really understand how much of an impact this can have on your reality. For insight on the way this un-programs all the ways you want to program a successful mindset, read his book. What makes Darren an authority? He’s the publisher of Success Magazine.

One of the messages in his book is that you have to learn to be proactive and disciplined about the things that you allow to go through your mind. We cannot make changes to our DNA, nonetheless, we can opt to be more and more vigilant about what sort of information we choose to consume.

3. Practice Gratitude

This is a simple but powerful morning habit that can shift your mindset into high gear. You’ve probably been reading about this subject lately. It’s gaining popularity as people realize how effective it is.

Just take a moment to recall what you’re grateful for. Don’t attach any mysticism to this. You’re not going on a New Age rollercoaster. Just recall a moment and give it your full attention. It could be as simple as remembering what a great time you had catching up with a friend on Facebook. Yes, we dissed Facebook earlier. But hey, social networks have a place in our lives. The important thing is that we thoughtfully choose how and when to participate.

Back to gratitude. If you want to kick up this mindset tool a notch, keep a journal. Make it a permanent note on your mobile phone. Why? We all have days when we think there’s nothing to be grateful for. That’s not a way to start the day. You can prime your morning mindset by looking over that list.

These 3 strategies can help you establish positive momentum. How you start your morning determines how you’ll end your day. We’re big on establishing positive momentum. It’s how we’ve turned finding creative solutions for customers into a 35-year adventure. Talk about grateful!