changestoofficeOffice design has a big impact on the kind of work your employees are motivated to perform. Here are a few simple ways to make them happy and productive.

Have you ever entered an office and thought, “How is anyone happy working here?” The office environment has a huge impact on how employees feel about their jobs as well as how productive and creative they are. You’ve likely noticed this yourself if you’ve switched from one kind of office environment to another. So it stands to reason that your office design will influence the success of your business.

Ron Friedman, author of “The Best Place To Work,” says our physical environment “has a profound impact on the way that we think.” There are numerous factors to consider when you take this seriously. Designing a whole office can take a significant amount of time. However, there are some fairly simple changes you can make more immediately to see a change in employee happiness and productivity.

The best initial step you can take is to offer a range of space designs. Give your employees options in their surroundings so that they can migrate to wherever benefits them most at any time.

  1. Personal space – This is something most employees already have. Offer them a desk or place to call their. Know that employees in cubicles are the unhappiest compared to employees in more open spaces or private offices.
  1. Social space – Think beyond the break room. Employees need a place to interact with each other. If you’re able to give them a foosball or ping pong table, great. However, it doesn’t have to be that grandiose. A room where people can sit, chat, read books, play darts or a table game (e.g. Jenga) is what you’re after. People can talk to each other about work in a more informal environment. Not talking about work helps build bonds, too.
  1. Thinking space – This is especially beneficial if your current office design is loud or interruptive. Give employees a cozy, quiet space to focus, reflect, or brainstorm. If you don’t have the room, Friedman suggests that a large corner office, consider making that a quiet room for employees rather than your most senior executive’s office.


  1. Exposure to natural sunlight –Natural sunlight increases serotonin, making us happier, and also increases melatonin, which helps us sleep better. In offices where it just isn’t feasible to offer sunlight, Friedman recommends making walking meetings a regular part of your culture. It’s important for senior members to exemplify this so that employees know walking meetings are accepted and encouraged.

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