Word of Mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and today it can spread faster than ever. Follow these 4 principles to increase word of mouth business.

wordofmouthWe all know why positive word-of-mouth (WOM) is coveted.  Some businesses do this so well, they barely need any other means of marketing. For the rest of us, though, we could probably use a little help prompting others to spread the word. So what is it that drives people to talk and share? Here are 4 qualities of contagious content that will help you improve your WOM:

1. Social approval. When people score a deal, make others laugh, or feel special in any other regard, they are compelled to tell people about it. Why? It makes them seem clever, wise, or loved, and these are qualities we want to impress upon our peers.   These “bragging” rights are a sort of social currency. The two most popular kinds of social currency are making people laugh and inspiring others. If you can give them content that will accomplish either of those things upon sharing, you’ve got the hang of social approval.

It is important to note that practical value is another important aspect of social approval. If we share information that is useful to someone else, we actually help them. Products, services, and customer service can all become social currency if it genuinely solves a problem.

2. Triggers. You get people talking with social approval, and you keep them talking with triggers. While some triggers are as obvious as hashtags, others are a little more manipulative. There is a video series called “Will it blend?” in which the founder of a blender company (Blendtec) has gained quite the following. In the videos, he simply tries to break his blenders. He records himself blending things like marbles, golf balls, and CDs. People ate this up. His sales increased 700% over two years. What does this have to do with triggers? People will not just think of his company when they see or need a blender. They will think of it every time they see a golf ball, marble, or anything they’ve enjoyed watching him blend.

3. Emotion. We share when we care. High arousal emotions – anger, excitement, amusement – are the ones that spark WOM the most. Just make sure that if you’re sparking any highly negative emotions, you are associating a positive feeling with your brand. Stories work really well to stir up feelings, and not just emotional stories. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream has a story on every carton. It makes people feel good about buying their product.

4. Everyone is doing it. More than ever, we live in a world where we take cues from other consumers. We base decisions on the satisfaction and expertise of others. If we see someone else using a product (and enjoying that product), we are more likely to buy it. You know the automatic email signature programed in the iPhone – “Sent from my iPhone”? This is a perfect example of “everyone is doing it” WOM.

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