kingofcontentFor some of us, social media feels like a necessary evil. It’s a game we all play to try to help others and help ourselves. However, it’s also an opportunity to learn. As a company that caters to a variety of industries, Vinyl Art follows a number of communities on Google Plus. We see a lot of content. Some of it is fantastic.

An even bigger challenge, however, is blog writing. Writers truly want to help the reader with a need. Every article is a delicate balance of engagement, relevance, and appeal. Some companies have an especially difficult task in attracting readers. It makes it all the more impressive when they succeed.

We looked up the websites of our favorite G+ profiles, and some of them are really nailing this blogging thing. Even if your industry isn’t related to the business description, read what we have to say. We don’t get anything for mentioning these companies, but we do hope you benefit from taking a look.

Who: National Waste Associates

How they describe themselves: “National Waste Associates helps businesses and organizations with multiple locations dramatically cut expenses on waste services while simplifying your waste management so you can spend your time on your core business.”

What we like about them: We first noticed this company after it posted the “Rightsize Your Bottom Line” article on G+. It was brief, yet full of great information that directly helps the reader. We checked out the rest of the blog. It is chalk full of tips on how to save money by being smart about waste service. Ka-Ching!

Why you should read their blog: Who among us is an expert on waste service? We all use it, but most of us don’t know how to get the most for our money.  Scroll through the topics on the blog and see what’s helpful to you. Follow them on G+ for blog updates.

Who: Display Creatives

How they describe themselves: “Display Creatives offers high quality trade show supplies including but not limited to displays, booths, banners, flags, hanging signs, cases, graphics and components. Our mission is to help companies effectively market their brand through unique trade show exhibit solutions. As a leader in the display and exhibit industry, we have a reputation for producing innovative products that never fail to make the right impression on potential customers.”

What we like about them: This company doesn’t just blog quality content about trade show displays. It also offers relevant information about marketing and smart business in general. On G+, it shares articles from a number of sources to really help its audience. Additionally, many of the posts are visually appealing.

Why you should read their blog: If you’re into trade shows, you should definitely check out their blog for a great variety of information. If you’re not, you should still look through it for useful information. For example, the post “5 Ways To Approach A Difficult Customer And Make The Sale” is one of many topics that expand beyond the trade show.

Who: Masterpiece Graphix

How they describe themselves: “Masterpiece Graphix draws on over thirty years of experience in printing, coating and packaging, and offers a wide array of materials and coating options. MGX excels at sheet and narrow web coating as well as specialized material coatings such as HP Indigo, inkjet, security, hardcoat, pattern, chemical-resistant, static elimination, computer-printable and heat resistant materials.”

What we like about them: So. Many. Colors. The images they post are the digital version of shiny objects. When you use a word like “masterpiece” in your company name, you better be darn sure your product images look like works of art. And they do. They also offer some really great content through both G+ and the blog.

Why you should read their blog: If you have print needs that aren’t vinyl-related (because hey, we have that covered) the blog offers a wealth of ideas and advice about everything from invitations to window decals to product packaging. We especially like “The Science Behind Colors in Printing.”

Who: EcardShack

How they describe themselves: “EcardShack is the home of professional corporate ecards at affordable pricing.  Serving businesses globally since 2008 we provide companies the opportunity to design their own ecards in just a matter of minutes.”

What we like about them: This business could simply post ideas and reasons for using their ecards, but they don’t. Well, of course they do write about their products, but the majority of the blog posts are helpful tips to anyone in business.

Why you should read their blog: These posts are generally short, informative, and often punchy or funny. Put simply, following this company is both interesting and entertaining. For example, “The Worst Advertising Slogans Ever.”

Who: ECHOtape

How they describe themselves: “We. Love. Tape. It’s just that simple. For more than 40 years, ECHOtape has helped companies like yours match the right tape to the right project. From DIY to done right, our competitively-priced, professional product lines are engineered to meet most design and construction needs. Don’t see what you need? If it’s not in our standard line, we’ll work with you to customize an adhesive tape solution for your company.”

What we like about them: This company is so passionate about tape that they make this ordinary product downright fascinating. ECHOtape’s G+ posts are really helpful for both professional and personal applications. Much of the content focuses on trade shows and eco-friendliness/energy savings, but there’s so much more. Honestly, we are really impressed that a tape company is so creative and engaging with its content.

Why you should read their blog: Who doesn’t use tape??? The G+ information is one thing, but the blog is something completely different. It’s full of interesting information you’ve always wondered, like “Why Doesn’t Adhesive Tape Stick in the Cold?” One post covers winterizing your boat. Look through the topics; you are sure to find something relevant to your life.

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. There are many companies out there who excel at content. These five are just some that post engaging content on social media and also have great blogs. We like sharing their content for our own readers and followers.

It goes without saying that we like our own blog, too. We strive to help you succeed in your business with our own research and our quality products. We are known for meeting custom demands that our competitors can’t. For standard orders, we have a solid reputation of shipping on time. For adhesive-backed or regular pockets, pouches, and flexible packaging, use Vinyl Art. Contact us at 800-569-1304 or