Print isn’t dead; when used correctly, it actually breathes life into your marketing. Here are 5 ways you should be using print to boost your brand.

bettercompanyAs our digital revolution continues to transform daily life, mediums like print seem to be falling by the wayside. It’s true that people prefer digital versions of most things over their paper predecessors. (Does anyone keep a hardcopy Yellow Pages anymore?)   However, there are still several ways in which print shows class, thoughtfulness, and quality. This is especially true in marketing. Here are five print examples that outshine their digital counterparts.

1. Invitations. Yes, it’s quick and easy to set up a digital invite. It’s even convenient to reply digitally. However, the time and effort of creating physical invitations pays off. Not only does it look sophisticated, but also people love getting “fun” mail. When is the last time you got something in the mail that wasn’t junk or a bill? Compare how nice it is to get “good” mail in your mailbox versus a digital invite in your inbox. The latter isn’t quite as exciting. If the invitation goes up on a bulletin board or refrigerator, that logo of yours is being seen every day. You can always provide a digital link to RSVP. Heck, you could print a QR code on the invitation to make it extra easy.

2. Thank-you cards. This probably goes even further than invitations. Of course, the more you actually hand-write in a thank-you note, the more the person appreciates it. This isn’t always the easiest task, but you can bet your vendors, clients, and business partners will be touched. (There’s that ever-elusive emotional connection we are all striving to make!)

3. Note-taking supplies. You know, it’s great that you can take notes right on your phone, but have you ever done so and looked up to see a roomful of the stink eye?  It looks like you’re being rude when you take notes on your phone. Additionally, if you are actually on your phone, it’s a challenge to use it for notes. Notepads and notebooks will never go out of style. You can find some great ways to make them look sharp with your brand, too. (See example below.)

4. Brochures. When you give a presentation, even a brief one, what are the odds your audience will remember to check you out when they get home? Even if they pull up your site on their phones, it is far easier to look at a brochure for the highlights you explained. It is a physical reminder of your encounter, and handling that paper makes them remember you.

5. Business Cards. If nothing else, offering your business card is an opportunity to connect. In-person interactions will always make a greater impact than digital. It’s also easier to remember an interaction when you have a visual, aural, and tactile experience.

When used wisely, print will increase visibility and put extra polish on your brand. You can go the extra mile with customized vinyl folders and pockets, too. Vinyl Art can custom-make a vinyl folder to hold your note-taking supplies. This gives a sense of completeness to the package as well as a sharp brand image. We also have standard business card holders and other flexible “packaging.” Our capabilities give you numerous color and finishing options so that the final product is the perfect representation of your brand. Call us today: 800-569-1304; you can also email us at