How can you design and use an effective hashtag to promote your next event? Use these 6 tips to build up hype.

hypeFor many of us, the hashtag was better known as the pound sign or a number indicator for most of our lives. Now it is brilliantly used to connect the same idea across multiple channels, bringing together people and information in the simplest form. It is one of the most used and recognized forms of transmediation today. If there ever was a “character symbol lottery,” the pound sign won it.

There is no more infectious way to spread news than online, and the hashtag is simplest way to accomplish that. An event is the perfect opportunity to start a hashtag phrase that will generate interest and attendees. Here are six ways to use and design tags that will help promote your event.

  1. The great design. Designing your tag is critical to your campaign, as it is the unifying identifier you want people to use. It should be recognizable and distinct from other tags. Using your event name may work, but consider something different if the event name is long or it requires special characters (e.g., underscore). People are on the move, so if they are trying to find a hashtag on a smart device, you need to make it easy for them. Use a clear message in a simple format.
  1. Widen your reach. When you post, you aren’t limited to just one tag. Use complimentary tags to expand your reach. Of course, don’t overkill on the tags. 3-4 should be sufficient to spread your message. You can always change up the complimentary tags in each post.
  1. Search Engine Optimization. As you probably already know, people search hashtag phrases to find information. This means that embedding a #[insert_keyword] into the website’s metatags will increase your odds of coming up in a search. The same applies to your blogs. Use your hashtag as well as keywords with hashtags in your blogs and articles to get Google returning your site for relevant information.
  1. Back up the hashtag. When users look up your hashtag online, they will find a tag feed that includes content about that particular tag. You want to create unique content that contains that tag so that you can explain what the tag is about. This is how people who see the tag but don’t understand it will learn about your event. Use your own content or get others to use your hashtags by creating “buzz” around your event.
  1. Trending tags…but tread carefully. It is wise to use trending tags when you post your content. However, only use ones that pertain to your topic, and get them up in a timely manner. Trends don’t usually last very long. If you abuse the trending tags, Twitter can suspend you, so just keep it within reason.
  1. Pick your channels! The obvious places to use your tag are on social media and other online places. However, if you do any form of print marketing or custom promotional items, those are great places to showcase your tag, too. This may be something to think about when designing your tag. If you give out gifts that aren’t date sensitive, can you use the same hashtag for next year’s event?

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