Your print sales representatives are at the core of your business’s success. Working with different personality types can make getting and keeping everyone on board a challenge.

To help you improve your print sales representatives’ productivity, we’ve compiled these 7 essential tips.

1. Prioritize Onboarding & Training

Productivity begins with onboarding and training. This does require an investment, but it pays off. How? Your reps will know the product and your target customer base well enough to make a sale, which is what their job is all about.

2. Know Your Team’s Natural Strengths

Take time to get to know the working styles of your team members. Doing so will allow you to tap into their core strengths and target the right sources of motivation.

3. Observe Thoughtfully

Once you have your rep ready to start making sales, it’s time to step back and observe. Are they following the methods from training? Where are they having trouble? Pinpoint these problems before they become a habit. Be sure to provide positive feedback on their strengths as well.

4. Study Your Sales Activity

If you don’t know how your reps spend their working hours, targeting the cause of low productivity will be difficult. Use a sales activity study to figure out where time is being spent and which tasks must be prioritized.

5. Pinpoint the Root Cause

Now that you have your study results, it’s time to determine the problem. Are your sales reps unsure of which processes to follow? Perhaps there’s a technological issue at hand?

6. Select and Enact Your Solutions

There are probably a handful of ways to go about solving the productivity problem. Consider a few options with your team and get feedback. Your reps are more likely to embrace a change if they feel they had a part in making it happen.

7. Monitor Results

Follow the results you see from these new solutions. Monitor key metrics such as call rate, conversions and sales cycle lengths to determine the effectiveness of your efforts.

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