personalbrandMore than ever, companies are evaluating, analyzing, and changing their brands.  Consumers have changed, and businesses have to change along with them to keep up. However, company brands don’t hold the only influence over consumers. Personal brands of employees play a huge role in the success of a company.

A personal brand is similar to that of a company. It represents values, passions, and strengths. It tells others what to expect from it. Personal brands differentiate one person from another. They also control public perception.

When employees identify their personal brands, doors open – both for them and for the companies they work for. When your employees compare their own personal values with those of your company, overlap helps them buy in to the company. They stand on even ground with the business and believe in what they are doing. This motivates them to do their best work, and it makes them more persuasive when talking to others about the company or its products.

Knowing one’s own brand also outlines a clearer career path. When your employees identify what makes them unique, what they are good at, and what they offer, they can better see where they want to go with your company. They will find roles better suited to them along the way, which benefits them and your business.

As a manager, how can you help your employees identify their personal brands?

Have employees identify the primary “thing” they offer to others. This can be a service, skill, knowledge, or anything else that they identify with. What do they bring to the table in their relationships?

  1. Ask your employees to list their core values. What matters most to them?
  2. Have them outline their passions. What would they do even if they didn’t get paid to do it? What gets them so focused they lose track of time?
  3. Also have your staff list their talents. Ask them: even as kids, what were you recognized for? What kinds of skills do people come to you for?
  4. Ask everyone to choose his/her top five talents and/or qualities. They should choose the ones they feel most proud of or find the most enjoyment in.
  5. Have your employees use this list to write a statement of specialty. What is each person most gifted at delivering?
  6. Instruct your staff to write a paragraph that highlights their specialty and top 5 talents, weaving in their passions, skills, and values.
  7. Finally, have your team write tag lines to their brands.

The result is a clear, short description each employee can use to guide his or her professional goals, motivation, and strategies. They can compare their personal brands with the company brand to see where the two align. They also have catchy tag lines they can use when introducing themselves to each other. Most importantly, you will have taken the time to show your employees that you care about their values, contributions, and personal development. Empower your employees to be their best selves and watch how your business grows.

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