February features a holiday focused on tributes to those we admire, and it’s the perfect time for us to celebrate a vital relationship: our commitment to local manufacturing. In today’s economic climate, where inflation nudges upwards amidst ambiguous signals, the choice to support ‘Made in the USA’ is more significant than ever.


The economy continues to send mixed messages. While some indicators point towards a hopeful ‘soft landing,’ others stir concerns of a looming recession. Amidst this uncertainty, large and small businesses tread cautiously, still contending with the ripple effects of supply chain disruptions triggered by the global pandemic.


The Statistical Case for Staying Local

Keeping business within our borders nurtures our economy. According to the Small Business Economic Impact Study by American Express, small businesses contribute significantly to the local economy, roughly 67 cents of every dollar spent within the local community. This impact is diminished when manufacturing and sourcing are sent overseas.


The Concrete Benefits of Local Partnerships

Local sourcing stands out in the realm of risk management and market responsiveness. A survey by Thomasnet.com revealed that 60% of companies that shifted to local suppliers saw improved innovation, highlighting the tangible benefits of closer collaboration. This transition to local sourcing is more than a safety net against global uncertainties. It’s a strategic move towards more resilient and innovative business practices.


While immediate costs might sometimes be higher with local sourcing, the long-term value is immeasurable. Shorter supply chains reduce risk and offer agility in responding to market changes. Local partnerships allow faster turnaround times, heightened quality control, and more effective communication. These are crucial factors in today’s fast-paced market.


A Case in Point

Many of our recent clients have been plagued by inconsistent quality and delayed shipments from an overseas provider in recent years. By bringing their flexible packaging and retail merchandising product needs to us, they’ve reclaimed on-time delivery and an unmatched level of customization that elevates their brand. This switch to local sourcing becomes more than a solution. It’s a strategic decision for quality assurance and operational efficiency.


Vinyl Art: Your Local Partner in Custom Packaging

For over four decades, we’ve embodied the spirit of American manufacturing. With over 5,000 in-house dies and the capability to create tailor-made solutions, we offer service beyond transactional interactions. It’s a partnership that champions quality, supports the local economy, and contributes to a sustainable business ecosystem.


As you navigate the complexities of today’s economic landscape, remember the power of local partnerships. Choosing a local manufacturer like Vinyl Art is more than a procurement decision. It’s a commitment to a thriving, resilient, and interconnected business community.


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