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Flexible plastic packaging is among the fastest-growing segments within the global packaging industry; but even as the market continues to expand, customers are acutely aware of the importance of supporting environmentally-friendly options.

Flexible packaging uses less material and fewer resources during production than other plastic products. Fewer trucks and pallets are needed to transport and store flexible packaging items, lowering their carbon footprint.

Eight years ago, we began our journey to make our flexible packaging solutions even more environmentally friendly. At that time, we began testing several prototypes which evolved into our new AdVantageVinyl® material, a revolutionary product that is biodegradable and recyclable which will contribute to our country’s more environmentally friendly future.

Why Choose AdVantageVinyl®?

Biodegradable and recyclable AdVantageVinyl® from Vinyl Art is a fast, easy solution to help you reach your goals for reducing waste and becoming more environmentally friendly quickly and effectively, with no additional effort on your part.

The benefits of AdVantageVinyl® for your business include:


  • Biodegradable
    The use of an organic additive to generate environmentally friendly properties enables this product to begin to degrade in as little as 10 months for 6 mil vinyl and in just over a year for 8 mil vinyl, according to an independent lab where materials were tested using ASTM D5511-18 test methods.
  • Recyclable
    Can be recycled by returning to Vinyl Art or sending to a PVC recycling facility.
  • Customizable
    All of our products can be made with AdVantageVinyl® material, in any size, and can be customized with nearly unlimited options.

Results Verified by Independent Laboratory Testing

We are proud to offer this product and have trademarked it exclusively for Vinyl Art! We’re concerned about our environment and want to offer our clients a means to help achieve their goals of becoming more environmentally friendly.

To ensure we are providing the most environmentally friendly vinyl product on the market, we have invested heavily in independent laboratory testing for AdVantageVinyl®, so you can be assured you are purchasing a verified biodegradable and recyclable product for your packaging and promotional projects.

Independent laboratory test results for the two of our most popular AdVantageVinyl® products:

  • Adhesive-backed (6 mil) vinyl: Based on our independent lab testing, this product will degrade up to 38% in approximately 290 days [10 months] once it has reached a modern landfill (ASTM D5511-18).
  • Non-adhesive-backed (8 mil) vinyl: Based on our independent lab testing, this product will degrade up to 32% in just over a year once it has reached a modern landfill (ASTM D5511-18).

Thanks to our 45+ year history and 5,000 dies in house, we can also make custom designs in any size or shape to help you engage your customers with this environmentally friendly, high-quality branded material. 

AdVantageVinyl® is not available for sale in AL, CA, CO, IN, MD, & WA.


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