Flexible plastic packaging is among the fastest-growing segments within the global packaging industry; however, customers are acutely aware of associated environmental impacts.

Research shows that 83% of those under 44-years old were willing to pay more for sustainable packaging, especially plastic which was often associated with ocean pollution, harmfulness, and wastefulness.

About eight years ago, when we first noticed the trend toward environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional flexible plastic, we began to develop a solution.

Today, with Earth Day fast approaching, we are happy to announce the launch of AdVantageVinyl®.

AdVantageVinyl® is our environmentally friendly vinyl product that can serve your flexible plastic packaging needs without keeping you from reaching your environmental goals.

All of our environmentally-friendly materials are:
• 65, CPSIA, RoHOS, and Reach compliant
• Stable with the same shelf life of current materials
• Able to be disposed of through curbside trash – biodegradable (see below)
• Able to be recycled by returning to VinylArt or sending to a PVC recycling facility

Does AdVantageVinyl® Sound Too Good to Be True?

Based on our independent lab testing, our 6 Gauge Adhesive-Backed vinyl will degrade more than 50% in less than two years once it has reached a modern landfill (ASTM-D5511-18).

Our 8 Gauge Clear vinyl will degrade nearly 40% in two and a half years, according to our independent lab testing once it has reached a modern landfill.

Do You Still Have Questions? Contact our Design Experts Today!

With more than 45 years of experience producing high-quality custom products, our design teams are ready to serve your unique needs.

Working with us is a true partnership. We have a selection of more than 5,000 dies in house which we can customize to meet your unique needs, and now all of the products we make with these dies can be created using our environmentally-friendly AdVantageVinyl® too!

How can we help you reach your sustainability goals with eco-friendly vinyl products from Vinyl Art?