We have yet to completely understand the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In many instances, as a response to the last three years, individuals have changed the way they work, live, and play.

They have also come to realize how much their environment — whether at home or at the office — matters to them. In some instances, that has prompted cross-country moves. In others, it may have involved refreshing their existing space.

Many industries are being impacted by these changes, too. The global furniture market size, for example, is expected to increase from $475.4 billion in 2020 to $720.2 billion in 2028, which is a total growth of nearly $245 billion.

As more individuals work remotely, they may choose to purchase stylish home furnishings that are better able to accommodate their need for a comfortable workday space.

Others are focused on designing the offices of the future as top companies reconfigure workplaces in a way that prioritizes employee well-being and sustainability by outfitting corporate offices with lounges, flexible partitions, and even childcare spaces to turn offices into destinations.

And, despite the prevalence for online ordering in other sectors, storerooms will still be essential in helping shoppers choose the right items as they design their — or their clients’ — spaces.

People, the research shows, still want to physically experience products before buying them. They want to touch soft leather couches, adjust office chairs, or engage in similar activities.

Shoppers are more informed, too. They are used to having information at their fingertips whether they’re shopping online or in-person.

To make purchasing decisions as easy as possible, Viny Art provides retail-ready products in all shapes and sizes, including retail price tag and product information holders.

Because we can make these products in any size, we can help you highlight key details such as manufacturing location; in-stock status; durability; available fabrics, colors and finishes; shipping options; and many other critical components of your customer’s decision-making process.


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