whyotherscantthreeLately, we’ve been doing a lot of research on advertising and marketing strategies. In our world of evolving technology, there is a lot to consider right now. Last week we posted advice on how to attract clients – specifically for insurance agents. One of the most consistent suggestions we found was to use promotional products. With things like viral videos, social media, and good ole’ television, do promo gifts really matter anymore?

A wealth of research suggests a resounding “yes.”

Brand Recall

Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) offers some of the most impressive data on this topic. The PPAI conducted a study on the effectiveness of promotional products when compared to traditional media. One of the most eye-opening statistics it uncovered was how memorable these items are. It found that 94% of participants could remember where they received a promotional product two years ago.

This statistic is highlighted in MediaMark Spotlight’s article, “Are Promotional Products Still Important in the Digital Age?” The article calls promo products the sweet spot between Internet marketing and print/TV marketing. It explains:

“Print & TV marketing work by surprising audiences reading or watching something they enjoy. Promotional products, conversely, live with customers every day and often present themselves to other potential customers.”

It’s easy to see why using promotional products is such a genius way of inducing brand recall. If the product is used often or placed somewhere visible, the subconscious receives many impressions of your business each day. This adds up to hundreds, if not thousands, of impressions every month. Logos, taglines, and other information is etched into our brains every time a promo product is in our sights, even if we aren’t paying attention to it.

Favorable Impressions

Recall isn’t the only benefit of promo products; first impressions are greatly improved when a promo gift is involved. The PPAI noted that:

“More than half of promotional products recipients had a favorable impression of the advertiser, as opposed to 33.2 percent who had seen a print advertisement, 27.7 percent who had watched a TV commercial and 11.9 percent who had seen an online advertisement.”

That favorable first impression directly impacts sales figures. Promotion Specialists have several articles that point this out. “Giving promotional gifts help companies boost sales response from customers by as much as 75%” (“How Branded Merchandise used as Promotional Gifts can help Boost Marketing Strategies.”) Compared to sales letters and other marketing strategies, promo gifts have a far better client response rate. Some of the other statistics found on promotion-specialists.com are:

  • Customers who receive promotional products are 14% more willing to provide
sales leads than customers who receive nothing.
  • Sales people who gave promotional gifts to customers received 22%
more referrals than those who didn’t.
  • Customers who received promotional products re-ordered up to 18%
sooner than those who received coupons.
  • The use of a promotional products in conjunction with a sales letter in direct mailings
can increase response rates by as much as 50%

(“Why Promotional Merchandise is still a very popular Marketing Strategy for Business today.” Cited sources: PPAI Study, Baylor University Study, Schreber & Associates SMU study, Georgia Southern University Study, 
Exhibit Survey Inc. Study ASI Power Summit.)

Combining Strategies

That last statistic references using a number of marketing strategies together. MediaMark Spotlight emphasizes this as well, but recommends merging promo gifts with technology. The article states, “You can brand your products to match your website, include your website URL, or even include a QR code onto them, for starters.”

If you’ve read our other articles, you know we love QR codes. They are FREE to obtain, and they link the consumer directly to websites, videos, social media (including Four Square), contact information, and more. Considering how dependent we are on mobile devices, QR codes are the most convenient ways for people to pull up the information you want to give them. Plus, there’s a curiosity factor involved in QR codes. When people see one, they want to know what it links to.

With the right product (one that is useful and high quality), and cross-strategy, promotional products provide huge returns. The cost-per-impression of a promo gift is only half a cent. As MediaMark states, “Branded promotional products offer an often overlooked creative, cost-effective, memorable and far-reaching component to your brand strategy. Promotional products are also a great way to thank your customers and allow them means to proudly share brand loyalty to your company.”

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