Use these 3 strategies to employ lean strategies to your PR and cut out wastes like time and content while still producing enough to build a reputation.

leanpublicrelationsIn general, a lean strategy is one that minimizes waste and optimizes flow in an operation. It is a model that was originated by Toyota Motor Corporation on a manufacturing level, but it has spread into numerous industries as a foundation for best practices. Can a lean strategy optimize public relations efforts? You bet it can. Here are three ways to use it:

  1. Scale back your content to be quality-driven. If you have the resources, it’s tempting to throw out as much content as possible in your channels. Content marketing yields triple the leads of other types of marketing, so the idea that more is better is popular. However, you must always remember that content is for the reader, not the search engines. The more it pertains to your audience’s needs, the more credible you will become. This will allow writers and marketers to focus their time on strategies that work.For example, develop your content topics based on resources for prospects, answering customer questions, and other useful industry information. If you’re unsure what kinds of questions or needs your audience has, check out forums where people are asking the kinds of questions your company can answer.
  1. Leverage the proof in the pudding. What do people research and trust most when buying? Testimonials and case studies. These are the pieces that will most influence consumers to trust you. When a person finds your sales content, he or she will independently research three more content pieces about your company or product. Collect your case studies and reviews, and share them through social channels, newsletters, on your website, and wherever else you’re building credibility.
  1. Be picky about your accolades. From a PR standpoint, guest speaking and awards are two great opportunities for a company to establish credibility. However, not all of these prospects are worth your time. For speaking engagements, make sure the audience fits your target market. Make sure the event appropriately matches what your company wants to accomplish. With awards, make sure receiving the award actually adds to your reputation and doesn’t just collect amongst meaningless “trophies” – these are a waste of time.

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