Appealing to today’s college prospects means reaching them on an individual level. Here’s how to further your personalized marketing strategy

collegemarketingevents2College recruiters can gain a lot of ground by relating to prospective students on a personal level. Students want individualized strategies for success. In part one, we began discussing ways to deliver these strategies. These ideas work best at an event organized by the college itself, held onsite. The purpose is both to promote the college and also truly help students understand what is best for them.

The discussion began with the suggestion to give students personality tests. The tests should help students determine the kind of work they will like, the kind of environments they’ll thrive in, and the kind of stimulus they need. Color-coding the results helps group students together and identifies how they will be most successful.

At an event where each program is showcased, using the color-coding will help students find their matches. However, the program representatives can take things further.

Make it engaging

Students will get more excited about a program if they are able to see themselves in it. Bring out materials and equipment (or some representation thereof) that students will get to use in program courses. Feature current and past students’ favorite projects and stories. Let prospective students “play” with software, databases, and even student portals.

You can also propel attendee imagination by featuring different jobs and employers that graduates might pursue after graduation. Whether in a slideshow or on the Internet, use images and stories to show students the environments realistic to their futures.

If you showcase employers who have hired your graduates, you accomplish two things. First, prospects identify your school as the path to working for a specific company. Second, it connects your school to an outcome. College is an experience in itself, but the whole point of it is to secure a successful future. The end game is the job, and students need to see how their hard work at your school can pay off.

Connect with personal styles

The assessments your prospects took should help students understand the professional environment and culture in which they will most thrive. If you’re showcasing employers and industries, tie that in with the assessments. Get the students more excited to graduate from your school by explaining the culture of each workplace you highlight. Prospective students will make a more personal connection with your program. Additionally, if they fall in love with specific companies, they will be that much more motivated to succeed. This will – most importantly – benefit the students, but also improve retention and placement.

As always, tie your promotional materials in with your strategy. You can use the color-coding along with your school brand on these items. For custom pocket and pouches, like ID badge holders, folders, and presentation materials, see what Vinyl Art has to offer. Our products can be customized with colors, finish, adhesive backing, debossing, and a variety of hardware for closures. Your custom options are limitless for plastic solutions for the educational institutions. Call 800-569-1304 or email for more information.