As we wrap ourselves in the warmth and sparkle of the holiday season, it’s the perfect time for us at Vinyl Art to reflect on stories that have stood the test of time, like ‘A Christmas Carol,’ ‘The Nutcracker,’ and ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas!’


We’d like to share our enchanting story with you in the spirit of these beloved tales. In our 45-year journey, we have been crafting a narrative rich with innovation, sustainability, and dedication — a tale we hope is on its way to becoming as timeless as those we’ve all grown to love.


Chapter One: The Beginning of Our Legacy

Back in 1978, we embarked on a journey much like the opening scene of a classic holiday film—filled with promise and anticipation. We opened our doors, ready to bring a wave of innovation to the world of packaging, setting the stage for decades of growth and creativity.


Chapter Two: Embracing the Heart of Sustainability

Every great story teaches a valuable lesson, and ours is no different. We have always prioritized sustainability, particularly in championing the recyclability of vinyl — a material often underestimated in its environmental friendliness. This commitment is our way of giving back to the planet, adding depth and meaning to our narrative.


Chapter Three: The Pride of ‘Made in the USA’

Just as the best holiday tales evoke a sense of home, our commitment to American manufacturing creates a feeling of trust and quality. We take pride in our ‘Made in the USA’ label, knowing it reassures our clients that they are receiving products from a reliable, homegrown source.


Chapter Four: Tailoring the Perfect Fit

Our story wouldn’t be complete without a touch of magic—the kind you feel when everything fits just right, like a perfectly wrapped gift. Our ability to craft packaging of any size ensures that every client’s need is met precisely, much like the tailor-made endings of our favorite holiday stories.


Epilogue: Continuing the Tradition

As we look towards 2024, celebrating our 45th year in business, we’re not just adding another chapter to our story. We’re preparing to enrich our legacy, ensuring that, like those classic tales revisited each holiday season, Vinyl Art brings innovation, reliability, and a touch of magic to our clients.”



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