holdhandswithyouraudienceWhat happens when you put your brand in the hands of your target market? Is a buying decision any different when the consumer can touch your product versus simply seeing it online? It would make sense that it is. What about your marketing efforts? Does the ability to touch something with your brand on it make consumers more likely to buy from you? According to research, yes it does.

Lawrence Williams and Joshua Ackerman wrote in Harvard Business Review’s “Please Touch the Merchandise:” “Physically holding products can create a sense of psychological ownership, driving must-have purchase decisions.” This is a driving force behind companies like Apple’s success with their store displays.

Different kinds of touch influence people in different ways, as well. For example, interpersonal touches, like handshakes and pats on the shoulder, make people feel safe – especially when a woman is doing the touching. Consequently, people spend and consume more.

The physical sensation of warmth also instills feelings of trust in people, along with feeling psychologically warmer and safer. In an experiment where participants held hot and cold therapeutic packs, believing they were simply evaluating the products, they invested 43% more money after briefly holding the warm pads.

Several other experiments were outlined in the HBR article, all pointing to a direct and subconscious correlation between tactile stimulus and perceptions and behaviors. Holding a heavy clipboard while interviewing a person made that candidate seem weightier, or more serious about the job. Drinking water out of a firm cup gives the impression that the water quality is better than identical water served in a flimsy cup. People who sit on a hard chair are “harder” negotiators than those who sit in soft chairs.

When it comes to your brand, you can definitely leverage the psychological value of touch – even in your off-site marketing. Printed products, handouts, and promotional items are all things you can put in consumers’ hands. Whether it’s at a sales meeting, an expo, or via mail, you can give your target market all kinds of tactile impressions. Paper itself can be thick or thin, rough or smooth, light or heavy. Think about what you want people to associate with your brand. Metals and thicker papers would suggest strength, whereas silky surfaces can suggest luxury. Start to think about your product in terms of kinesthetics – how can you communicate your core message through touch?

Using certain kinds of vinyl with your products will add a dimension to your message. If you need flexible packaging for a promotional item, or you want adhesive paper pouches for a presentation, you want something that feels like quality. Vinyl Art has a versatile line of products and materials that will fit any flexible packaging need you have. Contact us today: 888-569-1304 or sales@vinylart.wpengine.com.