California’s consumer “right to know law,” Proposition 65, affects businesses all over the country. With over 800 chemicals listed, items subject to Prop 65 include far more than just food and packaging. Things like ticket holders, price tag holders, and business card pockets also have to comply with the law. A lot of businesses will just put the warning out to cover their bases, but do they know they can get these products made out of polypropylene that is Prop 65 compliant?

It’s obvious why any company might forgo product testing and just opt to put the warning label on products. Testing products is expensive and time-consuming. Products can’t be tested for all 800+ banned chemicals, so experts have to test for the “usual” culprits. Meanwhile, there is no legal penalty for placing a warning on something that does not contain significant traces of the dangerous chemicals.

Of course, doing nothing is not an option. Penalties for violating the law are as high as $2,500 a day. Citizens who report an infringement can earn up to 25% of the fee. On top of the fine are court costs and time lost.

While the commonness of the warning labels have Californians somewhat desensitized to the message, the law has prompted individuals to be more conscientious about the items they handle. Putting a warning label on an object may be an inexpensive solution, but what about your competitors? If consumers can choose between two identical products, and one has the warning label on it, the mere idea that the other is safer can be pretty persuasive.

What many distributors, manufacturers, and retailers may not know is that there is an alternative to labeling and testing some materials. Vinyl Art manufactures a huge variety of vinyl materials, and they can make them with Prop 65 compliant polypropylene. These items look the same as the regular vinyl products. Therefore, the quality of presentation is not compromised with inferior material or a warning label.

Some Prop 65 compliant items include:

  • Ticket holders
  • Tag holders
  • Display holders
  • Business, credit, debit, and bank card holders
  • Card or paper pockets
  • Adhesive pouches

The environmentally conscious options don’t stop at Prop 65 compliance. Vinyl Art can make all these products with polypropylene that is:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Made from 100% post consumer content materials
  • Biodegradable
  • CPSIA compliant
  • RoHS compliant

With all the warning labels out there, it’s the products without those labels that actually garner the most attention. The true goal of the law isn’t to inconvenience businesses. It is to inform Californian’s that a product may contain something that he or she would rather choose not to be exposed to. Material that is Prop 65 compliant is safer for consumers. Ditch the warning labels and switch to that safer material.

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