It is possible to get kids to wear a face mask. Popular online parental advice website recommends encouraging children to decorate their mask, or help make a mask together. Your child might even be eager to wear one because it can make them look like a medical superhero.


Wearing a face mask incorrectly can do more harm than good. And that’s not just a problem for children. It turns out that many of us adults are doing it wrong, too. While it’s in our best interests to get everyone to correctly wear a face mask, there’s also an alternative that might be more sensitive for children.


The face shield alternative

Growing studies suggest that face shields may be more suitable for children who either resist wearing a mask or wear them incorrectly. Now that they might be heading back to school, you’re not going to be around to remind them.


Many of the educational institutions welcoming children back to the classroom have mandated face coverings. It’s important for you to determine whether this mandate has determined that a face shield is acceptable – but it can be something your child finds more comfortable to wear all day.


They’re more comfortable and might feel less restrictive for many young children. They also can be quickly reused and disinfected. Best of all, they can be sized correctly to fit and protect smaller heads.


Face shields also protect the eyes, often overlooked as a main point of entry for the coronavirus. Many times, it’s the restrictive sensation that makes wearing a face mask undesirable to children. A face shield gets around this complaint, and it solves another problem – face touching.


Protecting the wearer

Wearing a face mask is a way to prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus. We put them on to protect those around us. Face masks are not necessarily meant to protect the wearer. On the other hand, a face shield creates a protective barrier for the wearer.


ABC News recently reported that while it’s unlikely that face shields will replace masks, they offer another layer of protection – especially for children who might find shields to be something they’ll wear all day in the classroom.


We can help you with face shields – whether they’re for children or adults. Learn more about how we made the commitment to manufacture these important pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE). We’ve shipped adult face shields all over the country, and we are especially excited to be offering face shields in children’s sizes now that many kids are headed back to school, sporting activities and time with their friends.


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