How can you tell what kind of emotional impact your event will have on attendees, thereby making a positive, lasting impression?

emotionaleventIf you know anything about marketing or branding today, you know emotional connections with consumers are key. Whether it’s the brand story, the call to action, or the product description, consumers are moved to buy through their emotions. So if you’re hosting an event, it stands to reason that you want to deliver the same emotional satisfaction that you would in other communication with your audience. The question is: how do you make sure you’ve done that?

It’s difficult to secure a quantitative measure of emotional impact. By using some qualitative criteria, however, you can use a formula to establish how far from zero you are. (Zero being a bad thing.) You can create a formula with:

Importance x Range of Application x Urgency x Duration = Emotional Impact

What is powerful about this formula is that it shows you that if one category gets close to zero, it negatively affects the total impact. Let’s look at what is involved in each category:


The overall importance of your event translates into what kind of impact the experience has on the attendee’s life. What have they gained? What have you solved? What can they do better? How are they empowered? How are they better off after your event, and how clear is that to them? Make sure they walk away knowing the purpose of the material you delivered and the impact you are going for.

Range of Application:

If you’ve taken a personality test at work, you know that you learn more than just about yourself. You learn how to best communicate with coworkers, and you can translate this communicative understanding to your personal life. This gives the personality test a wider range of application than would, say, simply grouping together people who are alike. Think about what you’re delivering and whether you can shape it to offer a wider range of applications.


Do you get more value from a random training session, or one designed to help you pass an upcoming test? The more urgent the material, the more valuable it is.


Consider the difference between learning a skill and an application. If the highest level of math you took was calculus, and you haven’t learned it since, that training was only good for a short-term application. On the flip side, you likely still remember basic arithmetic. The longer your information is applicable, the more valuable it is.

The remaining factor to your overall emotional impact is whether the sacrifice was worth the benefit. Cost, distance traveled, and any other obstacles your attendees encounter will determine the sacrifice they had to make. With careful consideration of the above, though, you’re likely to come out ahead.

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