Healthcare managers need options when it comes to ordering plastic and flexible materials. Here is an eco-friendly, economical, US option

finalstrapsWhen the public thinks of hospitals or clinics, the kinds of things that come to mind are patients, equipment, and staff. What few people realize is how heavily medical staff depends on flexible materials and plastics to do their jobs. Everything from ID badges to patient charts are necessary to the healthcare industry, and finding the right vendor is not always easy.

Not only do hospitals and clinics have strict guidelines to follow for everything in the facility, many companies are becoming more environmentally friendly. Medical facility managers are choosing recyclable materials and other eco-friendly options more and more. Considering the sheer volume of materials the industry requires, the impact of this decision is huge.

Timeliness is another issue important to the medical field. When an order is placed, it is vital that the product be delivered on time. Vinyl and polypropylene materials are used to protect both staff and patients, so it is paramount that these items be in stock when needed.

Cost is another relevant matter. With such significantly-sized orders (in most cases), it makes sense to find a manufacturer with highly competitive prices. This is often achieved by using an off-shore company. However, this can also come with uncertainty in delivery dates and accuracy.

In some cases, these healthcare facilities also value branding or other custom features for these products. Custom requests can be more difficult to fill, especially with timeliness and cost in mind.

When it comes time to order these products, the manufacturer that can meet all of these needs is Vinyl Art.

We make a variety of plastic packaging products in standard sizes and configurations as well as highly customized orders. All of our products are 100% recyclable. We can use CPSIA, PROP 65, CONEG, or RoHS compliant materials, so they can meet a number of compliance needs. Some of the products we ship to top hospitals and clinics include:

  • Patient chart holders
  • Medical folders
  • Document protectors
  • First aid pouches
  • Badge, ID, and insurance card holders
  • X-ray film holders
  • ID bracelets
  • Vinyl and Velcro straps

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Vinyl Art provides on-time shipping for standard orders and prices competitive with off-shore manufacturers. For more information about our products and services, please call 800-569-1304 or email