The answer to the question we pose is just a few paragraphs away – but first, let’s get back to Rock Paper Scissors and answer the questions that bubbled to the surface about the origins of this decision-making game.

Here in the United States, we usually pump our fists three times, and on the third pump we display our choice of Rock, Paper, or Scissors. It’s a bit more involved in Japan, which is not surprising because the country is renowned for its love of ceremony. There, it starts with both participants chanting, “Saisho wa guu!” Roughly translated, this means, “Start with Rock!” It takes the place of our usual preface of, “Okay, ready? One, two, three!”

Then, both participants chant, “Janken pon!” displaying their choice of “Guu” (Rock), “Choki” (Scissors), or “Paa” (Paper) – when they both get to “Pon!”

But what happens if there’s a tie? Both players chant, “Aiko desho!” and display their choice again – when they both get to “sho!”

Don’t worry, in any language, Paper beats Rock. Rock beats Scissors. Scissors beat Paper. And with that, we’ll stop playing games and bring the subject of this newsletter back to the prevalence of paper in our lives.

Paper wins in the business world, no matter how you play the game. Good news if you’re a printer. Well, sort of. Today’s printers must be more diverse than ever in their offerings. Technology has made it easier for competitors to jump in the game and offer printing services. All they need to do is invest in a high-quality, high-capacity digital copier.

It means that a post office box rental company located in a shopping mall is able to steal customers from longstanding professional commercial printers with off-set presses and bindery capacity.

It’s why printers must look for ways to bring value to their customers. How can you offer added value? Insert us into the equation. Many printed paper-based products used in business need to be properly displayed. That goes from everything from price tags, point-of-purchase material, signs big and small, and yes – even visitor badges. The more you know about the vinyl and plastic packaging and display products we custom manufacture on-premise, the better position you’ll be in to help your print customers with a complete solution.

Sure, everything’s going digital – from fast food menu boards to end-aisle point-of-purchase displays that feature virtual reality glasses. Meanwhile, revenue in the printing industry is expected to grow anywhere from 1.5% to 3%. The scissor and rock industries? Let’s just say they’re not faring as well.

Find out how our vinyl and plastic products make your print products even better.

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