Three important things you need to focus on as a business to develop brand loyalty amongst consumers.

customerloyatyWould it surprise you to know that out of 2,000 people surveyed, a whopping 75% of them believe that businesses need to do a better job earning their loyalty? That’s what found in one nationwide study. Businesses have more opportunities than ever to reach their customers, but that unfortunately also means there are a lot of missed opportunities. The aforementioned survey reveals exactly what drives people to be loyal buyers. It comes down to three things.

Value and Quality

It’s no surprise that consumers are coupon and deal-savvy today, especially with so many avenues for finding discounts. Switching brands to save a few bucks is very normal. However, quality plays a major role, as well, even when the price tag might be a little higher. One of the survey respondents wrote this:

“Apple is the only brand I usually go back to. Reliability and good design are the reason, even though products are more expensive I don’t want to run the risk of purchasing cheap, defective goods.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

This is how not only the brand story but also a brand’s accountability is perceived. People want to buy from companies that share their values, contribute to charities, and treat employees well. They also want to support brands that are honest – those that would admit mistakes and apologize rather than cover them up. This sort of reputation is one that needs to come across many channels in many ways, including good ‘ole community involvement.

That Personal Touch

Whether you offer a rewards program or go above and beyond in your customer service, consumers want to know you care they are choosing you. A couple of great examples came from the survey respondents:

“I received a get well card from Netflix once, when I had to temporarily suspend my account due to extended illness causing a loss of income.”

 “It would be kind of nice to get some kind of free gift or special discounts as a way of rewarding you for your loyalty. You are what keep them in business after all. I actually received Happy Birthday cards in the past and it does make you feel special. I think brands should reach out and maybe attach ‘business cards’ or something with their products so that we can connect with them. I suppose set up loyalty programs.”

These ideas aren’t new ones, so it’s a bit surprising to see that the majority of people don’t feel like their expectations are being met. If you feel like you already deliver on the above points, take a good look at your efforts and create ways to focus on the things customers really want.

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