“I didn’t mean to stare at your chest…I was just trying to read your badge!”

Badges are the Goldilocks of the conference world. Most are too small. Some are too big. Hardly any are just right. And that’s a shame. Those conference badges serve several important purposes.

Conference-goers spend hundreds (or maybe thousands) of dollars to attend these events. They expect the one thing they’re required wear to prove that their registration dollars were put to good use.

Isn’t it Obvious?

Attendees know where they are. They need only a small and tasteful reminder of this on their badges. A conference badge is to help identify people, not act as a promotional billboard.

If you’ve got concerns about conference crashers, invest in a hologram to place on badges. This adds a dash of classy exclusivity for attendees, and you don’t have to tell them that holographic stickers are inexpensive to print.

What was Your Name Again?

The primary purpose of a conference badge is for identification. An attendee’s name should be given the prime location. You can remove some of the awkwardness of glancing at someone’s chest by making names readable from up to 30 feet away, using a readable font.

Go with the typeface modeled after font used on U.S. highway signs. Interstate Black Condensed at 72 points works just fine. Last name on the next line, please.

Who are You With?

Whom the attendee represents is nearly as important as their name. Place this information beneath their name, preferably in a different dark color. Don’t go smaller than about 40 points.

Social Stats

Consider including the attendee’s Twitter ID. It’s a way for conference goers to learn more about people they meet, and you’ll benefit from the online promotion.

What are You Doing Here?

It’s important to be able to quickly identify someone’s role at a conference. Make it obvious on the badge, but don’t take up up too much room.

Front and Back

What goes on the other side of the badge? And, yes, something should go on the backside. Start by duplicating the name. This helps to combat the percentage of attendees inadvertently (supposedly) put on their badge backward.

The rest of the back should be used for the conference schedule. If the whole thing doesn’t fit, print the URL a QR code for online access to the schedule.

Size Matters

Be bold. Turn these into conference badges of honor. The 3-inch by 4-inch standard badge size isn’t big enough, and it never was. Bump it up to 4 by 6. Attendees aren’t going to complain about the size. Everybody will finally stop staring at each other’s chests for so long.

Get in touch with us once you’ve got your design ready to go. We’ll help you with a bold collection of custom badge holders.