tradeshowThe appeal of the tradeshow has been longstanding and withstood the advancement of the digital age. Despite the convenience of online interaction, face-to-face communication remains a relevant and important aspect of business. Tradeshows themselves have evolved to keep up with the times, and the opportunities to shine are greater than ever. If you want to attract business owners to your event, be sure to include these four accommodations that benefit both exhibitors and attendees.

  1. Be a matchmaker. Traditionally, show attendees have to pore over a long list of exhibitors as they march around the floor scanning every booth in order to find a stop that meets their needs. You can offer your attendees the gifts of convenience and time by making this easier. Look into technology platforms designed to automatically match buyer demographics with product categories that the exhibitors provide.
  1. Personalize to the exhibitors. Your exhibitors will already have visibility on your website, but a step beyond that is to provide 360 degree visibility for your valued registrants. Exhibitors want to quickly identify which attendees are interested enough to voluntarily look at their listing, and they want to see what competitors are being viewed, as well. There are numerous digital accommodations you can find to personalize the experience for exhibitors.
  1. Offer a pre-show network opportunity. Again, any chance you provide for attendees to hone in on where they want to go, and for exhibitors to make meaningful connections with people, is an advantage worth paying for. Social media is a little too loose and open a platform to really give the two groups a beneficial interaction. Facilitating networking opportunities on your own branded technological platform will allow deliberate and helpful conversations to take place.
  1. Let the people use their devices. The attendees and the exhibitors will expect to be able to plan, organize, and purchase through their mobile devices, so ensure you have the programs that support those functions. You’ll want planning tools updated in real time, and you’ll want safe, convenient e-commerce enablement.

Tradeshows have remained popular, but you have to keep up with the latest and greatest offerings to fill your event. If you need ID badge holders, display holders, or other pockets and pouches, see how Vinyl Art can help you look sharp and stay within your budget. Contact us at 800-569-1304 or