Our customers in the education field are some of the most organized people we’ve ever met, so it comes as no surprise to us that they’re already deep into the planning stages for the coming school year, while everybody else is just getting around to thinking about how they’ll spend their summer vacation.

They do it each year, like clockwork. So, while everybody else is working on summer tans, educators are planning and ordering products from us that’ll help them and their students stay neat and organized.

Not So Fast!

Technology has done away with some text books, and a homework assignment might be an online document you download and fill out. Nevertheless, a large part of teaching – and learning – is done still using good old-fashioned paper.

It means that both students and teachers need ways to organize and protect things like class handouts. There’s still a need to tuck reports and projects into protective folders. Homework assignments and class notes need sheet protectors so they can be safely kept in binders. School planners Have to be kept safe—and color coded—to be used all year long. Art projects need archival-safe protection in oversized folders.

And, it’s not all about paper. High school-age and college students need card holders for credentials. Heightened security means there might be a need for badge holders or even credential pockets that clip to lanyards.

Teachers Need Branding, Too

Education is about retaining knowledge. Teachers know the best way to do this is to make things memorable. It’s why they rely on the high-quality vinyl and plastic products we offer.

We can match school colors, and even deboss with school mascots or other types of permanent ways to identify things. We can use adhesive backing to help keep things where they’re put, and we offer a variety of hardware to keep things secure or closed.

Options for color, are nearly limitless. We’ve been helping educators for over 35 years, so we’ve got an in-house inventory of over 5,000 dies to help us create just about any shape or size.

The 100% Factor

The products we make for educators and their students are 100% recyclable. Our customers appreciate that because it means they’re not adding to our landfills at the end of every school year.

We’re proud of two more 100% factors, as well.

  • All our products—not just those for educators—are 100% manufactured in the USA.
  • We also offer a 100% guarantee on the quality and satisfaction of our work.

With performance like that, you’ll finish at the top of the class.

Want to Learn More?

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