1. Increase customer satisfaction by using merchandising to create a better shopping experience
  2. Support vendor relations by helping them profile products
  3. Promote their own overall brand

To outsiders, it might seem like your merchandising material couldn’t possibly serve all three masters at once. But, retailers do this all the time. The most successful ones know it all comes down to keeping their signals straight.

Not The Only Ones

TV networks and cable channels share a similar challenge. Let’s use the networks as an example. They know that people usually aren’t thinking about the network brand. It’s all about the shows they carry. Nevertheless, practically everybody can still tell you which network has a peacock in its logo.

There’s a common meeting ground where the brand identities of the shows a network carries – which are why most people tune in, anyway – live in harmony with the brand identity of the network. This successful positioning strategy is achieved by going small.

Everywhere, and as often as possible, you’ll see their logo somewhere on the screen. Its representation morphs to complement the content upon which it sits. Sometimes the network logo is solid and in full color, and other times it’s as subtle and transparent as a watermark.

What’s important, though, is that the brand logo maintains a nearly constant presence. It’s fulfilling the job as an ongoing brand ambassador. Sure, you switched to a certain network to watch a program you like. But, you also have to remember which network carries the show.

Customers First

It really is all about them. From the moment a customer comes through the store doors until they drive out of your parking lot, your primary job as a retailer is to ensure a superior shopping experience.

Part of this experience is helping them distinguish the role you play. What’s you, and what’s not you in the store? Branding continuity is paramount.

Your merchandising material is the key to that continuity. It shares much in common with those TV logos we talked about earlier. Most of your merchandising helps your customers find their favorite products, while still reminding them you are responsible for making the connection. Your “message within the message” must be constant and clear.

Different, Yet The Same?

Retail merchandising material runs the gamut. It can be as small and subtle as a price tag holder (we have these available in thousands of sizes), or as big and in-your-face as point-of-purchase display materials.

  • It has to be creative. Your customers expect it to enhance their shopping experience.
  • It has to be utilitarian and durable. You need it to stand up to a retail environment.
  • It has to be made of quality material. It reflects your brand.
  • It has to be the best price you can get. We all know what retail profit margins are like.

These requirements are the top reason why retailers seek us out for their merchandising material. Practically everything we manufacture features and protects another product, while still providing innovative ways to communicate your own brand. We’ve been doing this for over 35 years, so we’ve got plenty of ideas, plus over 5,000 in-house dies that can be put to use to create memorable impressions that work to build your brand identity.

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