Consistently generating content that drives traffic is a feat. Consider these questions about your audience to reel them in.

epiccontentLast week we discussed how to develop your Buyer Personas for your marketing strategy. This will guide you in what kind of characteristics about your product or company to highlight. When it comes to your scheduled content, though, ideas can run thin after a while.

Remember, blog, article, and social media content is not solely about the product you sell or even the industry you serve. It’s about the people who need your product, and what topics they are interested in. They want to learn, to be entertained, and to be supported.

When your Buyer Personas are not helping you generate content, ask these four questions about your target audience.

  1. What keeps them up at night? While pain points are an important part of your Buyer Persona, this is different than the struggles buried deep in their minds. If they have trouble falling asleep, what is going through their heads? What is the constant stress or worry in their lives? These topics will always catch their attention.
  2. What are their long-term goals? This is another area of content that will always be of interest to your market. You obviously don’t want to stray too far from your product – if you sell dog food, you don’t want to post about how to buy your dream car. However, you can post a topic on how to save money to afford the car of your dreams (or whatever), and include pet care. With the right food, your pet stays healthier, minimizing the chance of unexpected vet costs.
  3. What do you do that no one else does? This is a great way to set yourself apart as an expert or leader. Offer content through free articles, webinars, e-books, or the like to show people you are credible. When you establish this, people will follow you. This is also a handy way to cerate an email list. If the free content is worth it to your audience, they will exchange their email address for it.
  4. What current content do you have that people will pay for? If your audience really likes the freebies you offer, consider how you can turn that existing content into something they will pay for. Use your email list and social media platforms to advertise it.

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