Think of your favorite successful business that’s been around (seemingly) forever. Is its marketing strategy the same now as it was ten years ago? Twenty? Not likely. Companies have to tweak its brands and marketing over time to survive.

One of our favorite save-my-business marketing campaigns is that of Kmart. You probably remember the “Ship my Pants” commercial that put people in hysterical fits of laughter:

Kmart followed that up with the “Big Gas Savings” spot and the “Show your Joe” campaign. While these strategies were a little risky (as some people were offended), the majority of people loved these spots.

You don’t have to launch a string of hilarious ads to evolve your business, but you, like everyone else, do need to shake things up once in a while. If your traffic, bounce rate, and subscribers are not the ideal figures they used to be, it’s time to look at changes.

  1. Website redesign. Yes, website redesign is a lengthy process that can require a significant investment. The bottom line is, though, you likely won’t survive as a company if you don’t have a great website. It’s the way most people see you. What’s more, all of us see hundreds of websites every month, so if one looks bad, we know it. If one doesn’t work right, we chalk that up to the competency of the business.Your website should not only be attractive, but also it needs to be functional in the most convenient way. It must be easy to navigate. Users shouldn’t have to read an instruction manual to figure out how to get around your site, place an order, or contact someone. If it’s not easy, it’s not an option.Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. If users can’t easily navigate your site on a phone or tablet, they may give up fast. Additionally, Google prioritizes responsive websites in its search results. Furthermore, if you have music or videos that start as soon as you open your site, ditch the automatic start. They send your bounce rate sky-high.
  2. Use videos. If you have a video that automatically plays upon entering the website, don’t get rid of it. Just show people where it is. People spend more time on websites that have videos. People also are more likely to click on a blog post that has a video. (See how we did that? We didn’t even have to use a video about ourselves, and it made you more likely to read this.) People on social media also share a lot of videos. Informational videos along with tutorials and series installments are great for traffic.
  3. Be smarter about your Social Media. Yes, you need a social media presence to attract attention, but you shouldn’t try to dominate each outlet. Figure out where your audience is most likely to be. Pinterest is great for some businesses and irrelevant for others. Google+ is more of a business-related hub than a social share like Facebook. There are benefits to each site. Narrow your social media use down to two or three of the most useful sites for you. Then spend time not only posting content about yourself, but posting content that attracts your audience. Share and comment on other users’ posts. Join some communities. Let people know you exist. Also, inject a little personality into your posts.To save on time, you can also use Hoot Suite. You can manage up to 3 social profiles for free. You schedule your posts, Hoot Suite sends them out, and then it also gives you analytics.
  4. Get everyone on board. From your consumers to your employees, make sure everyone is on board with your revamped brand. Think about who you are, what you do, and why you do it. What are the most important elements of your business? What are you most proud of? Everyone from senior executives to customer service reps should be aligned with your brand.When you’re ready, announce to your customers that you have a whole new look/product line/set of features/whatever. Send emails out to subscribers. Post announcements and links on social media. Make a big deal out of yourself and the new you.
  5. Transfer this to your promotional material. Just because we have our heads buried in our smart devices much of the day doesn’t mean those promo items don’t work any more. There are a number of smart ways to use promotional gifts. We wrote an article on a few of them here. Update your tag lines, colors, and messages on the things that have already been working for you.

Some trends fizzle out while others are movements that people will stick with for a while. Health and environmental-related issues are examples of the kinds of things people will care about for a long time. Your branding facelift will take some time to implement; you want the new you to last for a while. Keep this in mind when you’re choosing the message and look of your revamp.

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