Retail trends are changing faster than ever before; however, there are still ways to capitalize on the trends, especially at brick-and-mortar locations which have undergone numerous changes in the last three years.


As we look to the upcoming holiday season, these are the trends that we think will most influence our retail customers.


Growing economic optimism:
Despite inflation, consumers are confident that the worst of their economic struggles are behind them. They are paying more attention to the price of products and taking advantage of discounts.


Sustainable shopping:

Most consumers, especially those who are high-income earners, would rather pay more for an eco-friendly product. Highlight your company’s commitment to sustainability and see the difference it makes to your bottom line. If you’re unsure where to get started, we now offer two eco-friendly products — PolyPropylene, and our newest product, AdVantageVinyl™ which we launched earlier this year after many years of research and our concern for our environment.


Impulse buying:

A third of those who identify as members of Generation Z or Millennials are willing to pay more to get the products they want sooner. These individuals still want to make well-informed decisions, they just want to make them faster than ever before. Use your point-of-purchase displays to help them get all the information they need to leave feeling positive about their purchases.


Hybrid shopping:

Although 47% of consumers predict that they may purchase more items online in the future, many — including more than 2 in 5 members of Gen Z — say they prefer to shop in retail stores. Cater to these individuals by creating a seamless experience similar to the one they have grown to expect in the digital space.


As you prepare for the holiday shopping season — a critical time to increase your revenue, expand your customer base, and deplete your year-end inventory — we are here to help regardless of the size or shape of your order. Contact us today to learn how we can help to position your products clearly during this critical retail shopping period!



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