Everybody knows that Minnesota is the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” It says so on our license plates. If you call Minnesota home, you also know it’s more like the land of 11,842 lakes – give or take a few that pop on and off the state’s department of natural resources radar. Because according to them, a lake can’t be a lake if it’s smaller than 10 acres.

Don’t tell the fish that.

Imagine you’re a walleye. One minute you’re chillin’ at the bottom of a Minnesota lake, and the next thing you know, you’re just a big fish in a small pond.

Hooray, It’s Finally Time

The actual number of Minnesota lakes may vary, but one thing that never wavers is our love for catching what’s in them. From our dislocated walleye friend with the identity crisis…to crappies, sunfish, perch, muskies, northern pike, and bass (with mouths both big and small)…10,000 lakes give us nearly endless opportunities to get out there and go fishing.

Fish-2Hey, this no fish tale! The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reports that 32% of us here in the state go fishing. We’re second only to Alaska. The fishing industry supports nearly 35,000 jobs. How does the DNR know so much about fishing?

They’re the ones who hand out our fishing licenses. And yes, you need a license to fish. Anybody – resident of the state or not – over the age of 16 is required to get one. Unless you’re a resident of Minnesota and you want to fish in a state park…But forget it if you’re visiting. No fishing for you, “Mister I’m not from around here”. Come back when you’ve got a license.

The season will soon be upon us, so the time to brush up on your State of Minnesota fishing license requirements is now. Well, sort of. It’s already too late – or soon will be – if you were hoping to bag a tasty trout for your quick pan-fry dinner.

Oh, The Choices…

Fish-3Regardless of your state residency status, you have to decide which of a variety of fishing licenses will satisfy the type of fishing you plan to do – as well as the species of fish you desire to catch. Please note that the fish are not required to cooperate.

Some licenses have time limitations, while others allow you only to use them during specific dates.

The number of different licenses doesn’t even come close to matching the 10,000-as-advertised-on-license-plate lakes throughout our great state. Nevertheless, you’ll want to spend some time on the Minnesota DNR website so you are confident you can pull out a license to prove you are appropriately authorized to pull that fish out of the water. Here’s a link to the complete list of fishing licenses.

But Seriously

We’ve poked a bit of fun at the hoops you have to jump through to participate in one of our favorite outdoor Minnesota activities. And the photos you see in this post are of our Vinyl Art team members in action on Minnesota lakes.

In reality, these licenses, specific dates, and restrictions are not meant to frustrate or change your mind about inviting some fish home for dinner.

We’re grateful that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources takes its responsibility seriously. Their mission is to work with us to conserve and manage our state’s natural resources. Those fishing licenses – as well as hunting licenses and other permits – help to fund the effort.

It’s a huge job. 10,000 lakes worth.

Are you a part of the world’s multi-billion-dollar annual fishing industry? We can help you make meaningful connections with your customers, whether they fish in Minnesota or anywhere else in the world. You know they need a license, so give them a way to keep it handy and protected – while you promote your business at the same time. We can show you how.

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