The what and the how

Some things about your company are obvious, such as who you are, what you make, and how it’s created. For example, here at Vinyl Art we specialize in custom design and manufacturing of flexible packaging and retail merchandising products. That’s our what.

We create these solutions using state of the art manufacturing machinery that often utilizes sonic energy, and many of the products we create for our customers are based on a library of more than 5,000 in-house dies—which help to dramatically reduce the overall cost. That’s our how.

Why do we do this? Well, it’s easy to imagine that we do it to make money—after all—isn’t that what business is all about? However, most organizations don’t go into business with the sole intention of making money. They have specialized knowledge or a unique skill set making them valuable as a source for a product or service.

In these days of globalization, your company competes with the whole world to gain customers or clients. Globalization has leveled the playing field. What and how have been commoditized. More than ever, consumers want to know WHY you are in business.

Filling the cups

It’s time to find a way to “un-commoditize” the how and what by pouring some why into them. Often that direction comes from a mission statement. If you take a look at Google’s suite of products—from its Chrome browser and Gmail to the Android OS to Google Cloud—you see that they’re in sync with the organization’s mission statement: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” 

Here’s another example. Asana is a project management software platform used by more than 10,500 companies including Uber, Airbnb, and Pinterest. Founder Dustin Moskovitz says that every feature added must align with the “why” laid out in their mission statement: “To help all teams work effortlessly.”

Notice something about these two mission statements? They’re inspirational. They’re motivational. They make you feel good. But they are not vague. 

Using our “how” to fill our “why”

Following this approach, here’s how we go about it at Vinyl Art. Being in business for more than four decades has done more than just introduce us to amazing clients and customers from all over the world. During that time, we’ve created more than 5,000 dies to create the custom flexible packaging and retail merchandising products we’ve manufactured for them. Our machinery mass-produces cut-out shapes. Those shapes are cut or stamped with a die.

The finished product is what our customers and clients want. To get it, we have to start with those dies. But today, that’s how we pour our own “how” into our “why.”

Why do organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies come to Vinyl Art for their flexible packaging and retail merchandising products? Over four decades of specialized experience and the ability to put that library of more than 5,000 dies to work makes us more affordable, faster, and more flexible than competitors. Even those overseas.

There’s a tradeoff. Workers gain time and flexibility to care for their families, but they also incur new expenses, as well as a unique and novel collection of mental and psychological challenges associated with isolation – which will go on long after the pandemic is behind us.

Our history is in many ways an investment in the future, and it’s your solution for customized projects you might otherwise think would be unaffordable or impossible to create. Our “how” and our “why” allow us to make any size you need, and any quantity you need for your flexible packaging or retail merchandising needs!

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