Is there a secret recipe to success? The jury is still out on that one, but enough successful people have weighed in to form a consensus. There are crucial ingredients. Success becomes easier when these 4 basic ingredients are all in place.4 Ingredients for Constant Improvement

Set Persistent Goals

Walk up to a set of stairs. You’re at the bottom. How do you get to the top? One step at a time, unless you want to risk a broken leg. Big, audacious goals? Sure, go for them! Break them up into small chunks. Take them one step at a time. You gain momentum, and you see a persistent history of success along the way.


The right network of people help you fill in the gaps. They can help you with things you need to know. Networking works on the principle of reciprocity. Everyone shares skills and experience with the expectation that it’ll come back to them. The right people in your network will share something else with you. It’s just as important as filling in missing pieces of information. They will inspire you. You’ll take the next step because you watched them do it.

“Yes, I Did That”

A successful mindset allows you to take responsibility for your actions without beating yourself up. What changes? Look at the word itself. Responsibility means the ability to respond. Beating yourself up is a reaction, not a response. Take responsibility for your actions and learn from your failures. Failure is a part of success. History proves it.

Eat Your Vegetables

Your mother was right about eating healthy. It sounds like something Yogi Berra might say, but working hard is hard work. Your body needs the right fuel to burn so you can engage in all that hard work. It’s only thinking, you say? The brain may represent only 2% of your weight, but it requires 20% of the energy your body uses. What fuel are you burning for all that thinking?

Good health isn’t all about the physical body. Too much stress can make you sick. Look for ways to blow off some steam. Consider meditation. And before you dismiss it as something spiritual, remember that meditation is the practice of concentrated focus. You can meditate by taking 10 minutes each morning to write down what’s on your mind. Or, you can pull out the guitar gathering dust in your closet, and take 10 minutes each afternoon practicing the perfect F Chord. Whoa! That’s the practice of concentrated focus. Don’t look know, but you just meditated.

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