There are plenty of definitions out there, but generally, optimization refers to finding the best alternative. And that alternative rewards you with the best cost-effective result. They say that practice makes perfect, so the pursuit of optimization moves you toward something as perfect, fully functional, and effective as possible. At Vinyl Art, we define optimization as the art of making good decisions.


We’ve been around for over 40 years, and during that time, we’ve honed our approach to optimization. This year, we leaned-in even deeper.


Customers first

Many people confuse optimization with maximization. Maximization refers only to trying to squeeze out the greatest result. For us, our customers always come first, so maximizing is an unbalanced equation. With maximization, there’s no regard for the cost.


On the other hand, optimization involves maximizing production, but also minimizing costs to the customer. It’s the right thing to do. We aim to produce as much as possible for our customers at the lowest possible cost. That’s optimization, and it’s also making something the best it can be.


2022 had us looking at optimization. It’s an evolutionary process, and we think we’re on the right track. Our innovation keeps existing customers while attracting new ones.


An eye toward tomorrow

One area in which we recently invested is the addition of new, state-of-the-art ultrasonic equipment that offers both safety and ergonomic benefits to our staff. We’ve also invested in new and efficient lighting throughout the manufacturing space.


Our people (many have been with us for over a decade) are more comfortable, but the benefit doesn’t stop there. We’re able to tell our customers that the production of their goods now results in an even lower energy footprint.


New digital communication systems, as well as upgraded computer-aided technology, offer even more flexibility with customization. Our staff has more time to focus on creative solutions. It’s resulted in our shift to the use of more sustainable and recyclable materials. The search for these earth-friendly materials has resulted in new partnerships that bring value to our products and processes.


These efforts have deepened our belief that optimization has been the key to how we offer our customers customized flexible packaging and retail merchandizing products at the most affordable prices anywhere.


Happy holidays from all of your friends at Vinyl Art!



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