Few would argue that technology will be the biggest driver of change as we move into the new decade. We’ll grapple with the integration of robots in the workplace and our homes. Some experts predict that 14 percent of us will have domestic robots made possible by artificial intelligence (AI), 5G and other hi-tech advances by 2025.

If you’re a job-hunter, you probably already know that AI is transforming the recruitment industry. It’s already likely that a human is no longer reading your resume. Some experts estimate that more than 30 million US workers could lose their jobs because of workplace robots and AI. On the other hand, many experts agree that this technology will actually create more jobs than it destroys.

As the Foundation for Economic Education puts it, “Lumberjacks, milkmen, movie projectionists, typesetters, and video store clerks did disappear due to technological advances. But do not panic. Technology also created a host of new positions that never before existed. Think about it: computing specialists, social media managers, digital marketers, energy engineers, software and app developers, drone operators, YouTube content creators… How many people are working today in areas that did not exist 50 years ago?” The organization believes that up to 85 percent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet.

The Focus Will Be on People

Robots and automation may be getting all the attention, but the focus is going to remain on us humans. In particular, the technology heading our way – and much of it is already here – will place more emphasis on personalized customer service. One easy-to-understand example is what happens when you visit the Amazon homepage. You see purchase suggestions based on what you’ve previously purchased or recently viewed. According to information technology (IT) research and consultancy company Gartner, embracing this technology can help your business increase profits by up to 15 percent.

And while AI might decide whether you get called in for a job interview, it’s highly unlikely that it’ll take over the responsibility for the customer experience. Something that’s been around for much longer is moving up in that area. More than ever, word-of-mouth in the form of reviews are what companies strive to capture as marketing tools. Up to 93 percent of consumers say online reviews influence their decisions.

Looking Inward

It’s easy to find a growing number of predictions online about what the new decade will bring us. While there’s no argument that the pace of things will increase, and we’ll probably see more robots both at work and even in our homes, these transformational changes have a human-centric objective. Businesses will take advantage of this technology to create deeper relationships with customers. Keep that in mind as you consider your relationship with us. We’re constantly embracing new technology to offer you top-quality products at the most cost-efficient prices.

We hope you’ll take us up on our offer to apply some 20/20 vision to what you have planned for the new decade. Let’s explore ways to showcase your brand identity with our products.

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