How much thought do you put into your price tags? If you don’t know what kind of message they send to consumers, then not enough.

simplethingsIf you run a retail store, your relationship with price tags and signs may be very basic. They give straightforward information to the consumer, namely how much an item costs. However, simple price tags convey much more than what to expect on a receipt. They tell a story. They enhance the user’s experience. They tie in directly with who your company is to the consumer.

For example, any store that wants to give a “homey” feel will find brand alignment in hand-written tags. Think sturdy “boutique” tags attached with soft string. Of course, this kind of personal touch is most feasible in a small store.  For large retailers, a more appropriate simple tweak might be to use chalkboards like a café or mom-and-pop shop would use to display the specials or sales.

Big-ticket items should have tags that reflect the qualities of the item. A ring, for example, should not have a price sticker wrapped around it if it is worth anything.  It makes the ring look cheap. A tag similar to the one described above would be more appropriate. With something like a lawnmower or dishwasher, a big tag encased in a clean, thick, embossed vinyl tag holder would convey durability and quality. If you’re choosing between two dryers, one with a sticker and the other with a slick, sturdy hanging tag, which one would appear to be built better?

Of course, there is a place for simple plastic price tag holders affixed to the shelves. These, too, conjure feelings and assumptions about the merchandise. Cracked and worn tag covers will subconsciously make even the nicest products feel junky. The condition of the paper tag itself also matters. Even when a price tag isn’t upgraded to fit in neatly with a brand, remember that the worse the tag and holder look, the cheaper the item becomes. Much like the clearance section of a store – when a shirt is new, a fresh tag gives the shirt a certain amount of value. Once you slap an orange “clearance” sticker over the original price, the item actually appears cheaper.

Signs are also a big part of the consumer experience. Whether they are display signs or they give direction, they are an important opportunity to make shopping more convenient. Make sure that when someone new walks through your door, she has an easy time finding what she’s after. As indicated above in the chalkboard sign example, different kinds of signs conjure different emotions. Remember, consumers make buying decisions based on emotions. Set the mood.

While simple and obvious, price tags and signs contribute to both your brand and the consumer experience. If possible, test out several options and see what changes you notice in consumer behavior and reviews. For high quality price tag holders, display holders, and hang pouches, see what Vinyl Art has to offer. We work with numerous loyal retailers who appreciate our prices, quality, and on-time shipping. Contact us today: 800-569-1304;