Sometimes, it’s not the product that has the problem. In fact, the product sells itself. Instead, it’s a matter of keeping the product in front of the eyes of customers so they’ll see it. That was the case with FMS, a major manufacturer of and distributor of barber and beauty supplies.

One of their best-selling supplies is a line of combs, which are manufactured here in the United States. Barbers order them and often distribute the combs as value-added perks to customers. It’s an excellent way to deepen customer relationships and increase retention. Once the barber is finished with a haircut, he or she simply hands the customer a comb exactly like the one used for the cut. Some barbers and beauty shops also sell the combs.

According to current research and statistics, the usage of combs and hair brushes is on the rise. Consumers have grown increasingly health-conscious. They’re learning that regular use of combs and hair brushes helps to eliminate environmental impurities which accumulate on hair follicles. Combing and brushing also helps stimulate blood capillaries that are involved in transporting oxygen and nutrients to the root, stem, and bulb of hair. Better hair and scalp health mean more customers for barbers.

This distributor was searching for a way to move those combs out of a standing container and into a position where they would be constantly viewable – both by the barbers, and by their customers.

“We’ve created countless point-of-purchase solutions for our clients in the 40 years that Vinyl Art has been around,” says Vice President Tim Hitchings. “One of our specialties is flat display packaging using vinyl and acrylic heat-sealing.”

The barber and beauty supply company sent Vinyl Art samples of their most popular comb. The compact size makes it ideal for men to tuck away in a back pocket, or for women to store in even the smallest of purses.

Front and Center

“Presentation is everything,” says Executive Sales Director Rob Slattery. “In working with the supplier, our research questions revealed that most barbers were looking for a way to have these combs on display, and easily within reach. The optimal place for this sleeve for the combs was right at their stations, and usually hanging over the top edge of the large mirror. Because of the reflection, we knew it would be necessary to have a sleeve backside with a solid color – and white was the obvious choice.”

The Right Solution

“We already knew we had exactly what the manufacturer needed as soon as they described what they wanted to create,” explains Slattery. “Vinyl Art produces vinyl pouches for products ranging from postage-size price tags to full-size paper sheet protectors. Best yet, we also knew we could make this display sleeve for them in an extremely cost-efficient manner. It was just a matter of selecting and modifying one of the thousands of in-house dies that we’ve amassed from over four decades of creating these kinds of solutions for our customers. The massive die selection allows us to produce both vinyl and acrylic sleeves or pouches in just about any size. We were able to utilize one that precisely matched the size of their popular pocket combs.”

It took Vinyl Art only a matter of days to produce a sleeve sample. It was also possible to add an optional hole punch on the top to allow for the sleeve to be hung by a hook or attachment directly above the top of the mirror.

The comb sleeve quickly became a popular order with barber shops. “Thanks to our solution,” the company sells even more combs than previously,” says Slattery. The display sleeve has become an indispensable and inexpensive way for them to help barbers increase business.”


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