Current statistics show that the wall covering market in the United States is a $1.4 billion industry, while global sales in 2017 was nearly $24.5 billion. Demand for decorative tile wall coverings is seeing a resurgence in both new construction and remodeling, with higher-end products such as glass tile leading the way.

The most efficient way is to create sheets of tile samples that can be perused just like a magazine or brochure. The most common way to store and display these samples is with ringed binders. The tiles themselves stay protected and secure in sheets with clear vinyl pouches that allow for easy viewing. When a designer or customer comes across a sample they like, it’s easy to remove the and locate the inventory to provide samples to take back to the construction or renovation site.

“You’ll see tile nicely displayed in retail environments,” says Vice President Tim Hitchings, “but walk into an architectural design studio and you’ll see it the way most manufacturers ship their samples. It’s mostly done with binders. And both the tile manufacturers and the architectural design firms turn to us for help with sample storage and display solutions for non-retail use.”

Slattery says that cost effectiveness is always on the minds of manufacturers and design firms, and mainly because they know a percentage of their product must be given away as samples. “We can help keep these vinyl pouch displays highly cost-efficient,” Hitchings says. “After 40 years of being in business we have many thousands of dies. Our in-house die collection often allows us to re-use what usually is the most expensive part of the process. So, we’re able to produce these tile sample vinyl pouch sheets quickly and at low costs.”


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Rob Slattery, Executive Sales Director

Tim Hitchings, Vice President