Open your favorite news app, and you will see headlines about the latest technologies including artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and renewable energy sources.


It’s a far cry from the headlines that graced newspapers in 1978 when Vinyl Art, Inc., was started in a former engineer’s basement in Minnesota to manufacture vinyl products like floppy disk holders.


However, we have always been ready to meet the moment on behalf of our clients. On our nation’s birthday, we reflect on the moments in our own history where we responded quickly and effectively to customers’ demands.


By 1987, at just over a decade old, we had created 300 products. This included packaging CD ROMs with text and reference books. We also expanded our specialty products. Ten years later, we had created more than 2,000 products.


In part, this explosive growth was thanks to our ability to respond to numerous cultural moments. We created more than 190 million vinyl covers for Beanie Babies’ heart-shaped tags and vinyl lottery ticket holders for each state-run game. We added other items like fishing and hunting license holders, various promotional items, and more to our product portfolio as well.


Starting in the 2000’s, we also increased our adhesive-backed products as well as storage bin and price tag holders. This allowed us to expand further into the retail industry and, eventually, meet retailers needs throughout stores.


At this point, we also revamped our internal production processes too. In an effort to produce larger numbers of the highest quality items as efficiently as possible, we improved the technology at our state-of-the-art facility in Minneapolis. We expanded into Ultra Sonic Sealing machine technology, purchasing a Widmann machine, allowing us to produce larger orders with increased speed in vinyl and Polypropylene (PP).

During the “COVID years” we quickly pivoted and began producing Face Masks to help meet the demand for protective coverings in the workplace, adding an entirely new product line in a matter of a few short weeks. We also began producing Travel Document Holders, Passport Covers and Vaccination Card Holders, all available for sale at retail point-of-sale, customizable to your brand and for purchase in bulk quantities as well.


Continuing this innovative trend, we recently began producing AdVantageVinyl™ to help clients reach their goals for reducing waste and achieving sustainability quickly and effectively as well. The product reduces greenhouse gas emissions and can, like many of our other products, be customized to meet your needs.


As we reflect on our nation’s history — and our own — we are proud to be an All-American company that designs and creates all of our products at our state-of-the-art facility in Minneapolis.


We have a rich history in designing, developing, and shipping the highest quality products available. Wherever the future takes us, we will continue to stay abreast of trends that impact not only how we create our products, but also the products we offer in order to best serve our American consumers.

We look forward to hearing about your next project, and to serving all of your flexible packaging needs again this year!



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