“This has to be a typo” may have gone through your head when you read the title. How do you work less and increase productivity? It sounds as if the two are mutually exclusive. They’re not.

If you cut an hour or more from your workday, you’ll increase your health and concentration. It will boost your productivity. Want proof? Read on.

We Hold These Workday Truths To Be Self-Evident

  • 89% of us admit to wasting time at work on a daily basis.
  • We waste time because the temptation to procrastinate is just a mouse click away.

So, are we all a bunch of lazy slackers?

Mounting evidence suggests that our desire to check social media may not be solely based on its supposed addictive qualities. Workplace experts say that it has more to do with outdated concepts, such as the length of our workday.

Who Decided We Had To Work An 8-Hour Day?

The same guy who supposedly said that we could have his mass-produced automobile in any color we like as long as it’s black. Henry Ford is credited with creating the 8-hour workday, as well the 40-hour week.

He was trying to save money.

Black was an inexpensive color, and it was easy to use it to hide repairs. In the 1920s Ford Motor Company was busy assembling as many automobiles as it could.

Henry Ford realized the only way he could keep his factories going around the clock without exhausting employees was to create three shifts. This time, it wasn’t a cost-saving issue.

At the time, most companies used a 6-day, 48-hour workweek schedule.

Ford saw this was wearing out his employees. “Leisure is an indispensable ingredient in a growing consumer market,” Ford told a magazine reporter. “Working people need to have enough free time to find uses for consumer products, including automobiles.”

So, yes…there was a bit of a selfish motive involved. Nevertheless, Ford was onto something.

All Work And No Play

A scientific study published in The Lancet indicates that long work hours can be deadly. It concludes that those of us who put in a workweek of 55 or more hours increase our risk of having a stroke by 33%. Our chance of developing coronary heart disease shoots up 13%.

The main reason for this, the report says, is because we don’t have enough time to properly unwind. That means if you truly want to be more productive, you need to work less.

For the modern day Henry Fords among us, it also does achieve cost reduction. A Happiness at Work survey determined that:

  • Happy employees are 3 times more creative.
  • Companies with happy employees can increase sales by as much as 37%.
  • Shorter, more focused workdays can increase productivity by 31%.

There’s just one catch. If you want a shorter day, you’ll have to give up procrastination. But look at what you gain.

What kind of customized, “works-for-you” workweek would you create for yourself if you were given the opportunity? Share it with us below!

We’re a big believer in customized solutions. What we’ve discovered, though, is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time. All Henry Food did was modify an existing working model. We often do this with our in-house library of over 5,000 dies. Our customers get a custom, unique product – but they benefit from a foundation of tested, successful models. And in most cases, they actually can have it in any color.

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