The world’s taking a cue from best-selling author and Netflix TV show host Marie Kondo, who is definitely onto something (besides being meme-worthy) with her method to remove clutter. Thanks to Marie’s konmari method, people everywhere are decluttering their lives by asking, “Does this spark joy?” Her fans claim it not only helps them decide what they want to own, but also how they want to live their lives.

It’s a powerful method of focus – one which works just as well on bedroom closets as it does for office file cabinets or warehouse stockrooms. Most of the time.

A New Way of Looking at Being Tidy

If you’ve ever set out to declutter your life – or your office – you likely went about it the way most of us do. You picked a room to start.

Marie Kondo takes a different approach. She advises that you tidy by category. For instance, you would start with clothes. All of them, no matter which room. Then you might move on to books, papers, knickknacks, and finally sentimental items.

“Keep only those things that speak to the heart,” Marie tells viewers of her Netflix show (via an interpreter), “and discard items that no longer spark joy.” That’s not easy when it comes to sentimental stuff, which is why she also tells viewers, “Thank them for their service, and then let them go.”

We’re Sure Marie Kondo Would Understand

Here at Vinyl Art, we’ve been helping customers with flexible packaging solutions for more than 40 years. Over that time, we have created over 5,000 custom dies to make the products our customers have requested. We use the word “die” all the time because it’s at the heart of our business.

Think of it as a special stamping and forming tool. It’s created to stamp and form the flexible packaging we make. Dies can be made of sheet metal or plastic. Sometimes there are two main pieces to a die. The material goes between them. The top piece of the die punches, stretches or bends the material. The bottom piece holds what’s created.

With all due respect to Marie Kondo, we never get rid of a die. That’s because – to use some of her own philosophy – even after decades of sitting on a shelf, it can still spark joy.

That joy gets sparked for us, and for a client who comes to us with a custom project. We often find that because we have over 5,000 dies from past projects, one or more of them can be put into service again. There’s a significant savings when that happens because creating a custom die can contribute to the cost of a flexible packing project.

Our opposite approach to sparking joy can save you production costs on your next project with us.

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