Your hospital brand is critical to the success of your organization. Here are 4 reasons you need to monitor your social media monitoring.

hospitalsocialmonitoringHospital branding has come a long way, and with the number of medical facilities out there, competition is fierce. A lot of time, energy, and money go into creating and executing a new or revised brand. Your overall strategy will only work, however, if you’re monitoring your brand on social media. Here are 4 reasons why this is so critical:

  1. Tracking. The beautiful thing about social media platforms is that they give you data so you can actually see what works and what doesn’t. The marketing analytics are invaluable to your company, and they tie directly in with your brand. Know what’s being said, who says what, when followers are most active, and what they want to read. Every stroke of user activity gives you immediate feedback that you can use. The marketing analytics on social media give you an excellent and instant understanding of how you’re doing.
  2. Online Community-Building and Engagement. Social media is an excellent opportunity to interact with people, including influencers, to build a solid community. Interaction increases visibility, which will enhance your metrics and give you a clearer snapshot of your following. Ultimately, your interaction also lets you shape – and repair, if necessary – your reputation. For this reason, it is crucial that you respond to online complaints swiftly. By simply being timely with a response, users have a better perception of your company.
  3. Product Enhancement. When analyzing online activity, you’re not just creating better posts and managing damage control. You’re learning how you can deliver a better product to your market. People are highly likely to share their opinions online – opinions that were often tedious to obtain ten years ago. These opinions help you shape a better product, and announcing changes builds both your following and your brand.
  4. Recruiting. With social media, you can immediately address problems and spotlight accolades that don’t only make you a great choice for patients, they also make you a great place for employees. It also gives you a window into what your employees say about you so that you can be a more in-demand employer. Referrals are a great way to attract the best talent, and you can absolutely leverage social media in this way.

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