Dental practices are one of the few industries that lag in branding. Today’s consumers depend on brand messages to make decisions. Here’s how to accommodate

brandingfordentistsThese aren’t the things that spark the interest of your market. What is important to you as a professional is not the same as what’s important to your patients.  A strong brand will convey the total experience your patient will have with you. It will reach your market on the level of not only their needs, but also their beliefs and values. These are the things you need to consider when developing your brand.

Defining your Brand

When creating or revamping your brand, evaluate the following:

  1. Who is your market? What kind of patients do you want to attract?
  1. What do they consider valuable? Accessibility? Easy scheduling? Personable staff?
  1. What kind of amenities do you offer, and why? If you have a massage chair in your lobby, is that to help ease patients’ nerves or does it support a notion that the dentist office can be a place to relax?
  1. What kinds of compliments do you most often receive? Think of your entire staff and the feedback patients give about all of them and their duties. These are the things you do differently.

Take all of this information to craft a brand message that defines who you are and why you do what you do. These are the reasons your patients will choose you. When you have your brand, do a final evaluation to ensure that it is:

  • Don’t use flashy words just to draw attention. Online reviews will kill your business if you lie.
  • Don’t say the same thing as other professionals in your market.
  • You’re competing with some 3,000 messages every day. Make your message stick.
  • Relevant to your market. If you cater to lower-income patients, don’t come off as too expensive for example.

With your brand message, you want to ensure that everything else ties in with your image. This includes how your staff answers the phone, wait time, manner, signage, furniture, and your supplies. Everything the patient will see and experience, from making the appointment to getting the bill, needs to be consistent with your brand.

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